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eBay tat volume 3.

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2 minutes ago, Cavcraft said:

Lovely* looking high mileage, ex-paramedic Astra, for just* £650






What a fucking awful looking old cart that is, sometimes it pays to be absolutely miles away and not interested in lobbing  a bid on .


'Item location: Chester, United Kingdom'


'Thanks. We've sent your offer to frazeheral0.'



Possibly they were considering pushing it into the sea/river before relenting and deciding to sell?

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Anyone want a kidney? (Other vital organs are available, but might* be fucked).

£6995 gets you this vision of Gallic beauty, Muth&Fatha_Outlaw had an 18TS Estate HKL515V when I was younger, chopped in a Citroen GS SMM347S for it @ about 4 years old. Then I bought one as a WBOD from Basildon auctions for £110 when I was playing gigs regularly. All good until the NSR wheel fell off @ 70 odd....


1985 Renault 18 2.0 gtx  estate the very best show car For Sale (picture 5 of 5)

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17 hours ago, hairnet said:

a bit like this one

ive posted an italian reg one here before and he wanted 1200 euros

i was looking at dokkers and sanderos and 1310s are at the top then i saw this


no wai they cost that new surely?

theres two after that for 8k+ :o



Bloody Nora.  7K Euros and it doesn't even have wipers...

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1 hour ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

There’s not many BXes that would make £4,000 and I’m pretty sure a knackered old 1900 carb that hadn’t seen an MOT for 10 years is not one them .

And if it's been parked in that damp spot for any time it will not be a happy chappy.

Love the ads that say -  it's 'the only gonad four super-sproggeter XL5 left wherefore it must be worth LOTS OF MONEY'

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3 hours ago, jamiechod said:

id rather make my own gear choices than some archaic 90s tech slush box to eventually select a cog and charge me extra in fuel for doing so ;) 

You are young lad.

You WILL change your mind one day. 

I was like you at your age. 

In fact it appears I may have become the person I used to despise when I were a lad. 

I changed my mind after a 6 hour trip coming back from Cardiff to Formby with stop start traffic on the M6. Eventually I was crying in pain. 

To be fair, since I've had the omega, I've never felt that I was in the wrong gear. 

The wife's mk6 Astra?  It has that irritating thing when you are in cruise at 70 on the motorway and you come to a gentle incline, of dropping from 6th to 5th. But that's a robotised manual box, which is "more modern" and also being bottom of the range, it doesn't have that all essential sport mode. 


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