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eBay tat volume 3.

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55 minutes ago, sdkrc said:

When you said that I really wasn't expecting an ex-BT Sierra!

33 minutes ago, DVee8 said:

This has literally got my name all over it!  Not just because it's something I'd like, but also, look at the plates: my initials are EWR!  Shame I can't afford it...

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30 minutes ago, egg said:

The last Favorit Qualitaire? (of 300?) @skoda_fan @Yoss



edit: Facebook group suggests it is rusty...

He could have done a better job at listing it couldn't he. The Qualitaire interior is unique but all we get is one front on shot. 

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I can't imagine telling my wife I spent $285,000 on a lamborghini then rolling up the drive in a full size lego car , she'd be convinced I'd been shafted by some Russians who had a car and a lamborghini badge 


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13 hours ago, sdkrc said:

12 months MOT

Long term family owned


Great spec

Stonkingly handsome





I bought one of those , in 1997 on a P , it was just under a year old, exactly the same as that , I might go and kick myself in the nuts as punishment for paying £14,995 for it :D

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A base BMW from back when they were a bit left-field and upmarket. This is similar to the one I ran for years, mine had manual steering and 5 speed but this one could have pas, could (I think) even be a 4 speed.  

90 hp from 4cylinders is not enough of course, but "not enough***to be a proper BMW" is a big part of the attraction.



Note the complete absence of unnecessary crap in here. Lovely.



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18 hours ago, Yoss said:

Well there's something I'd never heard of. Looks the front of a VW LT and the back of a Sherpa. 

Naturally there are still loads around here in Spain, where they were built. all sorts of bodies. the wki in Spanish is more comprehensive than teh English verion.


Never knew they made RHD versions.

Ebro, now is part of Nissan, but before made many vehicles, under license. Like the  Ford Thames Trader, Fordson tractors, Alfa Romeo Romeo, Jeeps of various types


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