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eBay tat volume 3.

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5 hours ago, Austat said:


Thank you for looking.

If his reserve is anywhere near where I suspect it might be, I think looking is all people will do.

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58 minutes ago, Danterzza said:

We've had it before, but it's as base as they come (apart from an 8V) 

No rear head rests and a lap belt in the middle.  

I can't see who would buy it.  All of the disadvantages of an old omega without the speed or comfort of a v6 elite or cdx or mv6. 

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1 hour ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

I’m actively looking for a CLK 430 cabriolet in any colour other than silver or black. Should I buy this one as a surprise for Mrs N, fits all her criteria.



Ive often wondered if a 209 front panel and lights fit a 208, now we know they don’t.

It would certainly be a surprise! You would be a brave man to give that to your wife, unless you are married to Katie Price?  In which case she would probably think it tasteful, bonus Irish plates to complete the look.

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