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eBay tat volume 3.


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22 hours ago, Tubbo said:

Mk1 Astra MOTless £1600 54,000 miles?





Wait, what?  HFM????  For a plain-jane Astra with more doors than anyone wants (except me, I like having back doors) and no ticket?  The world's gone mad, I tell ye, we're doomed!

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On 7/22/2020 at 2:05 AM, Ghosty said:



Vague ad, but an early Supercinq with MOT for £499. If I hadn't got my 205 etc... 

Only seems to do about five hundred miles between MOT's which it consistently fails on rot!

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13 hours ago, meggersdog said:

Here's one for Barrett to tell us all about.

It's a Microplas Mistral body that was once red with a Triumph engine but now sporting a hoofing great 4.6 V8


Must be a recent build if it's on a Reliant chassis. Looks nice, apart from the roll bar (they need to be banned, really, in historic motor sport).

I'm more interested in this one which doesn't have any Ashley bits as far as I can see, despite the name



But appears to be the same thing that a friend of mine sold last year without really knowing much about what it was. I wonder if it's the same car, or if more than one of these was made? Looks like a Ginetta G4 and a Lotus XI got together


In either case, FUCKING ROLL BAR!


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