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eBay tat volume 3.

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7 hours ago, Hertz said:

The seller of this Mitsubishi Cordia is the chap I just bought my Royale from. He’s been very straight with me.

The Cordia is an import from Australia. Sounds good. Non-turbo.

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3 hours ago, The Vicar said:




Bini with wood dash. I've never seen this before, it looks quite smart. Needs some Vanden Plas badges stuck around it for the authentic 70s look!

Looks like someone in the design department got a new compass for Christmas

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This is about to be an absolute bargain for someone.



Rot-free, stunning condition, low miles, gorgeous spec.

 I was about to buy it when the Royale popped up. Can’t have both. Shame.

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1 hour ago, Austat said:

Wow, that’s a 1.3S. Super rare.

Worth saving, hope it doesn’t get filleted for its engine by Mini types — but that’s the most likely outcome.

Lockdown prevents me doing much to help; I can’t even access my trailer.

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