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eBay tat volume 3.


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On the 17 January 1974 The first owner of OKF 42M, at the time in his late sixties, travelled the 4 or so miles from his home in a shite area of Liverpool to the Happy Shopper to buy a pack of B&H, whilst on his way he past a stunning blonde with large breasts driving a Alfa Romeo Spider.


Knowing at his age he'd never get a go a bird like that again he decided to pop into his local Ford dealers, J Blake (Blakes) & Co Ltd, Hardman Street in the City Centre.


The purpose of his visit was to order a new car capable of impressing the piece of skirt that he saw that morning, he decided to buy a Capri 1600 XL knowing that being a women she didn't know much about cars and that she'd be impressed with his large bonnet, unfortunately this plan never materialised as he died of boredom before seeing her again.


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Thank CHRIST there's no Buy It Now button on this, with the wine I've consumed and the excitement of seeing a Mark 2 Espace V6 POV SPEC MANUAL I'd have most certainly pressed it. I need this.






It's a classified ad.

The whole listing IS a Buy It Now Button.


Buy it now.

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This looks like a brill old thing for £225. It's got a stack of mot and tax and so dented and shagged you can use it for bashing rogue trolleys out the way in supermarket car parks then it's massive undesirability means you can nip inside the shop leaving the front door open with the keys in it and engine running and no one will bother trying to steal it.





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He would be right at home here, no?


I'm here!! Not been around much lately just really busy and not had the car mojo, although that has come back in large dollops now!


Selling the 14 as it needs a load of welding! I also have decided to sell the black Maxi too as I have a brown one coming in August which has straighter paintwork, there may also be a Brooklands Green 1500 coming later in the year, both barn/garage finds!


Going to replace the 14/Maxi with something interesting, fancy an eighties Ford or maybe something like a Maestro!


Am keeping the RHD headlights from the 14 and will look at getting another one next year!

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