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eBay tat volume 3.


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2 minutes ago, strangeangel said:





It's only in Barnsley if anyone wants it looked over <cough> @UltraWomble <cough>



thats been on the forum before hand, I remember the number plate....


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On 11/24/2019 at 4:57 PM, Cavcraft said:

Interesting that he would have taken 400 for it, but ebay says it sold for 1K...  Right engine, but that's about all tbh.  Camper body, Wrong.  Mk2 front, Wrong.  Non-runner, VERY Wrong.  Satin black paint, Wrong.  Manual, Wrong, but I'm well aware my chances of auto are pretty damn slim.  Sheffield though, that would have been acceptable if it was running.  Thanks Billy, not a bad try really.  Now get that XJS up the motorway!

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Oh wow that Wolsely 6: that has been my perfect spec for a landcrab since before I had a driving licence. Colour, wheels, engine, transmission. Ticks every box.   Why do cars have to rust f.f.s.?

That Gilera is hot too, but the seller warns "has to be in neutral to kickstart" ???  I Never met a 'bike that didn't! (There are a few I know, but they are the exception)

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Holden Commodore VL Berlina



But is it giffer owned?


original owner who can’t drive any more due to old age (104yr old)

I’ll take that as a yes.


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39 minutes ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

I would love to see someone do a forest stage in that.  

Might need to check the fine print of the MSA regs, mind you...does that vent on top count as a sunroof?

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13 hours ago, egg said:

And with this rusty Wolseley, I bid ye goodnight.



 I've definitely mentioned before in other threads over the years, but one of the Dinnerladies at my secondary school had a Wolsely six in this exact spec; metallic tourquoise, blue velour and Ro-styles, I lusted after both that Landcrab and the dinnerladie's breasts, to misquote Sting they were "The subject of schoolboy fantasy" I've never even seen a picture of another in that spec since.

if I win the Euromillions I will buy this Six have it restored then employ a large breasted Welsh hooker to dress up in a 1970's nylon apron .....(Do older woman fantasies still count when you are probably 20 years older than the older* woman? ) 

A far better investment than a new Bentley or something, I'm sure you'd agree.

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I like this early Polo breadvan.



Polo says:


Seller says:

The same owner has covered 188k miles ...and then passed away last month


Polo knows things. Scary Polo.


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