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eBay tat volume 3.


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talbot solara minx 1985 museum find no reserve




"talbot solara minx 1985 museum find car starts &  drives but has small fuel pump leak & will need to be transported away as light recommisioning will be required in very good condition for age not many left very rare no reserve auction v5c present has some paperwork whick ill have to dig out"


0 bids



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1992 ford escort gowring chairman petrol disability petrol van 1392cc 5 speed ma




Confusing description, all in one very long sentence, including "would be easy to recomission" - even though it has 11 months MOT!


£400.00 (Reserve not met)
0 bids



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Have aspirations of being a 90s boy racer, but turned into a more mature individual nowadays, perhaps even of a Yorkshireish inclination? If that is you then this Mk. 3 Fiesta RS replica............. 1.8 diesel..... is the car for you!


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