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eBay tat volume 3.


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It's nearly 5 bags though so hopefully that's the closest your wallet gets to that car. Also that volvo is 8 grand! Some of the European countries aren't cheap, especially when it comes to motors.


Our low used-car prices are one of the very few benefits of living in a country that's utterly obsessed with leasing brand new motors. People on the mainland will happily fork out actual money for heaps that UK drivers wouldn't want to share a supermarket carpark with. In a way it's quite nice to see 'old-fashioned' concepts of value in action.


Having said all that, the Passat wouldn't be much cheaper over here anyway.

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Haha, that 502 has been for sale for years with a UK dealer who is most famous for the length of time his stock hangs around and his outrageous prices (presumably the 'UK Partner' mentioned in the ad). His lack of sales success with that particular car might have something to do with his ad pitch, which advised the car was 'currently in our workshop being prepared for sale, and available soon' for at least 18 months... still, about as cheap as they come these days

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Ahh, FFS. Same seller has just pulled this one out of the bag. Just two thousand of your earth pounds buys it...









'62 Foden 150 Gardner 8 wheeler good runner £2.000'


The front looks like the face your elderly cat pulls after you've just caught it pissing on the kitchen floor.

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