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eBay tat volume 3.

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Nothing about the Ami.


The 304 had sold before Rob could see it on my behalf...


I might buy a 90's Mazda tomorrow to make up for it*



Is that the beige Ami on car and classic? That guy has only had it a couple of weeks, Gary Dicks imported it.


I also had a viewing lined up on the 304, but someone offered 2200 and it was gone. Further photos revealed that it looked pretty rusty.

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That's a relief, if you can point me to the 304 pics please that would be grand!


The Ami was a Green RHD one up north(?) somewhere....£2,495


It is in this thread.

Yes, that Ami was ace, Spoke to the guy who was a total gent. A serial Trabant botherer. I just missed out on it- apparently it's gone to Japan to be restored for a collector. 


ping me your email and I'll forward you the 304 photos. 

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