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eBay tat volume 3.

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Actual genuine appreciation of this early front Commer FC, even with the Herman Munster top.





Check out the engine room cab! 




Just hope someone doesn't Kath Kidston it.



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This is quite cheap for a functioning horsebox, I love a Dodge 50 but not so keen on these with the extra tall windscreen, they just look a bit daft. The other problem with them all that I have learned from looking at folks efforts on the FB group is that they all have cabs that are as rotten as a bastard (MOT advisory only due to separate truck chassis)

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Sorry, no pic.

Since the great photobucket hijack, I haven't bothered with pictures. Not sussed imgur out yet.

Have the link anyhoo:




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1964 Victor 101 Wagon, with added Serck and Desmo

Dry stored for the last 25 years
was in perfect working order when parked up


Last taxed 1984... so that means wet stored until 1993 I assume?




10 miles from this fine* event coming up:


11/3/2018 @ 1pm
National Bangers
Aldershot Open
(No Mondeos. Bring Junkman)
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Astra S Merit


There has been one owner from new


This car is made to be a show car as you can tell from how it has been kept and the notice to detail




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Meanwhile, over in Turin, Italy


200 Vi with BRM interior fitted.  And in that blue too.  Lush  8)


Postage: EUR 500.00   DHL Express International

Sod that, they can't even sort me a KFC !
So, it's a 
road-trip-sign.jpg !
Fights from:
London £16
Birmingham/Manchester £27
Edinburgh £76


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216 GTi


it only had one owner before me , I understand there are very few of them left these days


Too right, just 10 left in UK to drive about - from a total of 4,727


Hook, Hampshire   £595 ono




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LOL!........The price for this rather crispy mini that I posted on here last night....Has today, weirdly increased by....£5-......


So it is now  A 2008 Bini For £1000 & NOT £995 as it was when first posted up on here....


Is this the start of these creeping up in Value?... :shock:  :-D .






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This.....For £200.....






Previous owner has attempted to install L332 head light but headlights are broke, car comes with a P38 front end which I was going to weld on but have not had time, the p38 headlights and bumper are not with car.




There is other welding the will need to be done if this was going to go back on the road but nothing major.




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used non road legal runs and drives


lol.....some nut jobs have bid it up to...£51 Already...I would not even give £1 for that...

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Come friendly tape and fall on Slough!
I cannot indicate my Ford now,
Got shunted by some silly cow.

Swarm over, Death!




Come, bombs and blow to smithereens
Those bloody awful wheel trims,
tins of £1 shop tyre gloss, locking petrol cap is a loss
Mingebag minds, mingebag breath.





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