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eBay tat volume 3.


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The Facebook car for sale advert in 3 acts.


act1: Some thing weird in the advert pictures. 


attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2016-11-26 at 09.46.21.png


act2: False accusations of profiteering backed up by photographic evidence.


attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2016-11-26 at 09.46.58.png


act3: Illegible low ball offer.


attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2016-11-26 at 09.47.43.png



I fucking hate it when scottish people type with an accent.

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"classic car 33 years old my every day drive very rare"








last advert had 350 plus watchers but no offers so will try 1 last time.

any interest phone 01179854257 looking for £2750 will only sale car to person that views it first

as so many messers on this site so its last chance to buy as will keep it other wise

car is in BRISTOL. no offers no part exchange




Wow! - I wonder if he's thought that no-one wants it at that price?  A lot of watchers (like me) may be people who might entertain it at somewhere like half what he is asking.  I mean he's welcome to keep it and value it at that of course :)

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TBH they've probably taken the abs relay out to stop the pedal panicking if it goes over a leaf or something.


The cause is a badly placed abs unit under the washer bottle which leaks onto the connections.


Needs a few small sockets to get the multi plug unit off and either resolder or just dry out the connections like I did. No resets required, put relay back in and good to go.


Had mine (270 diesel) 7/8 years with only a few problems, they get a bad rep but actually their good motors, way more reliable than the x5/p38 chod of the same era/price range. Easy to fix generally as well, apparently rear shocks/springs/bushes are a fiddle but mines on its originals after 17 years and never advised on the mot so hopefully not a regular occurrence.

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