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eBay tat volume 3.

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I've added that Thema 8.32 to my watch list, so help me God.  Cort16, it's ALL YOUR FAULT.


Meanwhile in Sensibleland, here's a lovely early Micra with the 'swallowtail' boot.  





Do people go crazy for these like they do for swallowtail mk1 Golfs?  No, didn't think so.

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You're messing with my head, man.


I'm also liking this, which would fit right in on here.  No bids so far at £100.





A total heap with a toxic interior and rusty exterior


Feels like it will go on forever, if anyone can bear to drive it



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"Swallowtail" Micra, Golf?  Wot?        Still don't understand "flat front" SaaBs either.










Swallowtail Micra is a term I just made up, but the early K10s are like the yellow one I posted and the later ones look like this (except they're usually on chopped springs with stretched tyres over ATS Cups to be different*):




Note the shallower number plate recess and a straight crease across the tailgate, analogous to the Golf and hence the wittiness* of my reference.  Oh, never mind.








I applaud your pedantry with the capital B in SaaB, by the way, but don't want to push my luck by doing the same.

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I really love this.

1.5D, 65K, long test. £325.

Basic, tidy and apparently well cared-for. Small dent in the tailgate - looks like it will push out.

It's in Chelmsford. Someone please buy it and drive it up here for me. I'll make you a nice cup of tea.





This has changed hands and is now being moved on again, for £170 more (so I love it a bit less now). In Norfolk.





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I'd like to say something nice about this, but I can't because they're utter dog turd.




'The bonnet is up because I ran over a postage stamp and the car overheated'



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I'm glad thats a long way away. Looks lovely



I should have bought the one I saw at £40,000!


My uncle used to have one. It was never cheap, but I bet he wished he still had it now.

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