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eBay tat volume 3.

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I sold this B plate Escort in this condition for £450 4 years ago. Really amazing condition, underside still factory painted, no deviation from standard spec at all.


http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welc ... nDFy1bNnHA


I saw it on ebay in this condition for £1100! What a shame.


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160854998649? ... _cvip=true


Spoiler, white dials, chavtastic wheels, parcel shelf cut and non standard stereo or "sterio" as is often written...


Sorry, I have yet to get to grips with photographs.

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I need a car for a the Mrs for a couple of weeks that has T&T.

I don't want to spend much and I don't want to lose a fortune again when I sell it on. I found a Puma I fancied but it's sold :(


Rover 45 dizzler. Looks pretty good for £460. The Mrs will hate it though.



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Think 3-spoke alloys, think Saab, Shirley?


The Fiesta RS alloys look OK and the Saab ones look really smart, it wasn't 3 spoke alloys in general I was having a go at, just those specific ones on that BX, which I still think are rank. :P


Anyway, back to the Ebay thread with another Sexy Swede on those alloys. :D



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Just texted him on last number I had from when he bought the Scimitar I sold for someone. Think that was about April odd?

Expressed the Brother(&Sister)hood's 'concern' for his welfare.

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Does anyone know if Vek is alright? Looks like all his old rammel including the Princess I sold him, and Elphick's old SD1 is for sale, along with one of his tour buses and a load of scooters.


http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/civistor/m.ht ... 4340.l2562


He's still listed on the contacts page.



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Vek/Torsten is still held with great affection in these parts, as are you Seth. There are those of us, me included, that feel dismayed that both of you no longer post much on here - I would welcome more input and such but understand there may be other reasons behind it.

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Hello Everyone!

Lovely to read that we're missed, nothing personal, not on any forums these days.

Seth's right, nothing to see!

The company took over the lease on the entire dungeon, it's big. I have to look after that as well as my normal job, everything is surprisingly bloody busy and both need a load of graft so some cars which I "will eventually get around to doing" are never going to get done and are taking up valuable space especially as the council have doubled the rent and rateable value.

On the plus side, having divorced last year I have found an exceptional lady who unfortunately lives in Spain, guess where I am most weekends! Her first car was a Spanish built Morris 1100 btw. She's in charge of VW after sales, I met her when my Crafter spectacularly blew it's turbo in Madrid........

I am first and foremost a biker and I recently acquired a 1969 Triumph TR6 Saint which I've just come back from France on and I love it, it sits there with various Matchless, AJS, Royal Enfield, Ural, Morini, Motobecane, Honda, Morini and Triumphs.

So I'm keeping a few cars. I was going to just get rid of the lot but I love the ex-Bickle 1937 Standard Flying 9, the ex-Tonedpear Herald, my 1972 Mini 1000 which was bought at the same time I bought the A40 (now Ratdats) and was only dragged out of the hedge 3 months ago, currently with Les @ BL Transverse and finally the 1967 Hillman Minx thanks to a brief discussion with Seth:

Me: Isn't that Minx lovely?

Seth: Yes it is

Me: I'm selling it

Seth: You can't

Me: But I must

Seth: No you can't

Me: You're right, I can't

So that's it, no more cars for the forseeable future, even some bikes must go but I must be a realist and there are a few to follow, the Subaru DL, Lada police car and a Herald 13/60 for example, form an orderly queue!

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Good to hear nothing seriously amiss, Torsten and as M.C said you're missed on here.








http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-class ... 3a7a721896


'Genuine classic'


Two words which equally couldn't apply less to this shit heap if they tried.

To be fair to the seller though the letterbox built into the bonnet is going to come in handy for the SORN fines, condemming notices and mice which are undoubtably going to take hold as this is parked on someone's drive for the next fifteen years.

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Is this the cheapest way into 4 seater convertible driving? A Herald advertised with 5 photos, although two of them are the same shot of the boot and two are differently blurred shots of the spare tyres.


I'd consider tapping up Seth for his MX5 conversion



This is lovely. I can't explain why, sorry



Been off the road for 20 years, what's not to love?



I'd roll in this bad boy, the Ladybird Peter & Jane books I'm reading with my youngest have lots of these in the pictures.



Banger racer tries to sell old car before getting the Dulux One Coat. I just don't see how they manage to find them all.


I saw one at Goodwood last month and it was epic



I :heart: this. Look at the lack of chequerplate! You'd probably get £100 back for the roofrack, too


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