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Invacar MK12 - I has V5!

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Caveat - I have not sealed the deal on this. This could easily go pear-shaped and is utter insanity anyway. However there is a MK12 Invacar for £300 here:



Could anyone offer transport to me please? This would be to my rented lock-up in Whitstable CT5.

155 miles.


Obviously I would be paying you for this. Preference is to keep in house though given the absurdity!

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*grabs pop corn*  :mrgreen: 



For those who dont follow my Invacar thread or have not seen my posts with the Mk12 brochure


here it is





theres detailed weight and dimension information that should help hopefully when it comes to figuring out how to transport it :)

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these models were long out of service by then,the last villiers machines were collected in 1995/6.


interesting :) I have been wondering if any pre model 70 examples where still in service when the 2003 cull happened, where Villiers people given Model 70s in the 1990s or just moved onto motability or such?


what about electric examples? I know the electric Tippen Delta was made util 1976 well after the villiers examples had ceased production

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Policy was that spare cars and spare parts for each model had to be kept in store until the last remaining example of a specific type was returned by the user. The cull on villiers and electric happened around 95-97, around the time the register started,indeed,had it not been for the register,then run and started by Julian nowill,famous soviet car licker,they would all have been scrapped,as it was a fair few were collected by museums. To give you an idea of how much new parts were destroyed,they had 40,000 new villiers clutch plates,all smashed,as well as nos crated engines. There was two Tippen electrics that stayed in use till 2003 I know for sure. Some users who were issued with earlier models,if they didn't get crashed or totally worn out,would stay in use until 2003,bug the majority were model 70s,these replacing the mk12 etc in the early 80s


The electric Tippen made after 1970 were old petrol cars converted to electric,rather than new machines

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First shiply quote in at £217.


If I do it, I'd probably hire a LWB van for 2 days, I know 300 miles round trip is 'nothing' and can be done in a day, but accepting there could be problems so £100 hire + fuel + inevitable food etc + effort....


Any quote under £200 would probably be worth it!

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First shiply quote in at £217.


If I do it, I'd probably hire a LWB van for 2 days, I know 300 miles round trip is 'nothing' and can be done in a day, but accepting there could be problems so £100 hire + fuel + inevitable food etc + effort....


Any quote under £200 would probably be worth it!

I’m the end, having it moved will nearly always be cheaper. But it’s half the fun going to fetch these old relics. You get a day out, see a nice part of the world, and come back with a story to tell. Watching it just roll off at your end isn’t much fun at all.


I’d encourage you to go for it - if you want it!

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Just to give an idea, I'm 30 miles from the scrapyard, so mine to Egg's and back is a 370-mile round trip.  Assuming I had a reasonably clear run and managed to get 30mpg out of the Maxus, that would be 75 - 80 quid in fuel, depending on where I filled up.

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I've called this morning and provisionally agreed the purchase - he won't take any money from me as they are having some problems with their bank, but I have at least a verbal agreement that it is mine, for what it is worth. I still think there is potential for him to change his mind, so will have to take him at his word.


They will use a telehandler to get it off the ridge, and I've agreed to arrange transport in the next week or so.


shit is getting realer.

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What would be great is if a local shiter could at least get it off site and store - that would really be the most helpful - I could pass over the funds to your account so you could pay him cash. Then I could arrange to pick it up myself or by courier in the next few weeks.


Appreciate that is a big ask - but beer monies of course for any help please.


There's no paperwork (of course, I would not expect any), but a full receipt will be provided.

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