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Shite Down Under - Tat of the Giffer Variety

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Good news on the Jag!
I know you're in Australia but I'm slightly surprised you found a yard with a Corolla in stock so easily. Are they still quite common there?

They are still quite common, but they are rapidly disappearing. There are 2 breakers yards near me, one had no Corollas older than 1996 in stock and the other had the AWD Estate (1991) which was the oldest one they had. I remember 5 years ago these were everywhere and yards would have dozens in stock, that being said the yard I went to had lots of parts on the shelf from previous breakers.

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Well, things have happened.

Jaguar News: New solenoid has been fitted and seems to have resolved the fuel issue, car has responded by running like absolute shit. I suspect the issue is (surprise, surprise) fuel related in that not enough is being supplied. I am truly fed up with its nonsense so it is off the the Jag specialist to be fixed.

Toyota News: The new radiator I ordered has arrived, so it will need fitting. I also need to fit the anti-roll bar because I am already sick of tripping over it in the garage.

Hyundai News: A tree branch fell on it and slightly dented the bonnet, oh well.

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Gee, I’ve been slack on the updates.


The Corolla had the new radiator, front anti-roll bar and a hell of allot of swearing thrown at it which have resulted in the following:

- No steam at traffic lights and in car parks causing onlookers to yell “Fire, Fire!”

- Corners can be rounded without fear of ending up in a tree

- Multiple bruises from rolling around on coarse gravel for hours


The Jag is still in the naughty corner awaiting its triumphant return to the road.


I pulled the tree branch off the Hyundai.


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Well, enough waiting, the breakers yard visit has been very productive!




The yard in question, Dapto Pick-a-part, had three ae92 Corollas in stock. A stripped out 4wd Estate, a low spec hatch and most importantly a high spec lift back which yielded my parts (annoyingly the yard has a strict no photography rule).


In the end I got:

- 5x CSX Alloys (plus nuts and spare brace)

- CSX gauge cluster with tachometer

- CSX rear speakers with grilles

- JVC Tape player (with correct brackets and plugs)

- Unbroken gear shifter trim

- Genuine Toyota weather shield


A good haul if I don’t say so myself.


The gear shifter trim was a simple matter of removal and replacement, plus fitting the new bushings I got from the main stealer (the old ones had completely disappeared). This has transformed the action of gear selection, no more flop!


The gauge cluster should have been a fairly straight forward swap, but I made life far more difficult for myself by deciding to retain my odometer. Cue a faf:




The result:




And installed:




Much better! This calls for an updated dash-at-night photo.




This concludes my weekend of Corolla modifications, the rest of the parts haul will have to wait.


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Parts Haul Install Part 2:


This session started off with the rear speakers, first off was the grilles.




The grilles from the black trim were installed into my brown trim and the lot was screwed into the boot.




And yes, that is a giffer blanket on the back seat.




The other job was the wind deflector, a simple matter of trim tape and swearing.




Genuine Toyota you know.




And Seca specific (for some reason).




All this leaves to do is the stereo, which needs new belts, and the wheels, which need new tyres. Looks like those damn black rubber rings are going to be my downfall.

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Also, this happened:




This marks 6000 Kilometres since I bought it!


Now up to 8000 Kilometres of ownership! (Note dial face change with the new binnacle)




It is also time for this years registration inspection, so it will be going in on Monday for new tyres (on the new wheels!) and its pink slip inspection. The only item of concern is the tyres, but as they are being replaced prior it really should not* fail.


*Famous last words.

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I may have just splurged a bit on the old eBay for a couple of accessories for the Corolla. I think they are the first brand new things I have bought for it, tyres excluded but I see these as consumables even if they are long term.

The horn has also been replaced after it was noted in the rego inspection that it was quite soft and not up to scratch (it was passed on my word that I would fix it ASAP). The original “buzzer” type was swapped out with a Hella “snail” type I had in stock from some previous farm hack that ended its days with me. It has a much nicer, old fashioned BRAP, rather than the usual modern BZZZ you get these days.

Lastly, the new tyres have made a world of difference to the noise and handling. The old ones were rock hard and quite worn but probably could have lasted a bit longer if I swapped the fronts with the rears, but new rubber meant I could get the alloys on (and don’t they look fab). I can really make use of the anti-roll bar I fitted by chucking it into corners, even in the wet which was never going to end well with the old tyres, plus the road noise has been greatly reduced.

Lesson of the day: Don’t put up with rubbish tyres.

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Part 1 of my eBay splurge has arrived.


But what could they be?


Headlamp protectors for many giffer points!


Thank god for big retailers selling off old stock for pennies, these have probably been on the shelf for years (the dust backs this theory up).

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Anyone who has been in the Corolla can vouch for the quality* of the speakers, more crackle and hiss than a hot pan of bacon, so when I saw there was a sale at the local automotive audio shop I decided to pop in


Behold the cheapest 4 inch speakers in stock at a whopping $25 for the pair (down from $69) compared with a standard unit (surprisingly these are Pioneers). A simple plug and play job, lovely, now bass is expressed as sound rather than white noise.

In other news, my friend gifted me this:


Guaranteed to add 10 BHP and 75% more brackets.

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