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Shite Down Under - Old School Breakers Yard Visit

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Good news on the Jag!
I know you're in Australia but I'm slightly surprised you found a yard with a Corolla in stock so easily. Are they still quite common there?

They are still quite common, but they are rapidly disappearing. There are 2 breakers yards near me, one had no Corollas older than 1996 in stock and the other had the AWD Estate (1991) which was the oldest one they had. I remember 5 years ago these were everywhere and yards would have dozens in stock, that being said the yard I went to had lots of parts on the shelf from previous breakers.

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Well, things have happened.

Jaguar News: New solenoid has been fitted and seems to have resolved the fuel issue, car has responded by running like absolute shit. I suspect the issue is (surprise, surprise) fuel related in that not enough is being supplied. I am truly fed up with its nonsense so it is off the the Jag specialist to be fixed.

Toyota News: The new radiator I ordered has arrived, so it will need fitting. I also need to fit the anti-roll bar because I am already sick of tripping over it in the garage.

Hyundai News: A tree branch fell on it and slightly dented the bonnet, oh well.

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Gee, I’ve been slack on the updates.


The Corolla had the new radiator, front anti-roll bar and a hell of allot of swearing thrown at it which have resulted in the following:

- No steam at traffic lights and in car parks causing onlookers to yell “Fire, Fire!”

- Corners can be rounded without fear of ending up in a tree

- Multiple bruises from rolling around on coarse gravel for hours


The Jag is still in the naughty corner awaiting its triumphant return to the road.


I pulled the tree branch off the Hyundai.


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