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Roffle: 1993 Renault Safrane V6 - Collection in Progress


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Ticket #36 for you :)


Updated list:


1. Holbeck

2. The Doctor

3. Crooner

4. w00dy

5. bub2006

6. Andy F

7. Alan_Green

8. Partridge

9. Lacquer Peel

10. billy_bunter

11. 95 Quid Peugeot

12. MrSchwifty

13. Junkman

14. Pilninggas

15. Panhard65

16. Prepace

17. Maurice Marina

18. Yes Oui Si

19. SiC

20. Loserone

21. Brownnova

22. Broadsword

23. Barmatt

24. Cheezey

25. Danterzza

26. RobT

27. Fat Pirate

28. tommytwo


30. Aldo135

31. Yes Oui Si

32. bub2006

33. Loser1

34. Drum

35. Jim Bell

36. LabRat

37. R9UKE

38. Lanciaman

39. Scaryoldcortina

40. Danterzza

41. w00dy

42. Hertz

43. Drum

44. RantingYoof

45. 95 Quid Peugeot

46. Prepace

47. Junkman

48. mk2_craig

49. Kringle

50. Andy F

51. Brownnova

52. ohdearme

53. Bramz7

54. SiC

55. Flat4Alfa

56. Tonedepear

57. NorfolkNWeigh

58. Partridge

59. RobT


At this point someone should remind me again how we figure out the winner. Next weeks lottery numbers?

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Jolly old Newcastle upon Tyne, I've added it to the original post now.


We should do a local meetup to celebrate the lucky winner. That way all our local Autoshite members can enjoy a little bit of Safrane barge before it sets its sails to the unknown lands. Or Scaryoldcortina wins the car and has the shortest collection trip in the history of Autoshite.

oh heck. In the very unlikely chance I win then I'd need to look into trains planes or automobiles!
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I cannot take part due to the accidental winning of another V6 barge last night. Nonetheless, please accept this free bump.


The ex-RobT/barmatt/£95Peugeot Safrane was quite possibly the most comfortable car I have owned. For some reason it was stupidly expensive to insure, but the effortless ability to waft along the A14 and the talking computer more than made up for it. They are superb cars and the new owner will absolutely love it.

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And this is it, all tickets are sold!


Thanks to everyone who participated, especially to those brave people who decided to support this roffle by buying more than one! I will be sending out PM's with my Paypal, or if requested, bank details shortly. Please let me know once you've made the payment and don't forget to add your username as reference so I can keep an overview over who has paid or hasn't.


Good luck to everybody, whoever wins this car on Wednesday will hopefully be very happy with it. This is what makes Autoshite so great. Even if you don't win the car, you contributed to make sure that this rare Safrane stays within the community and won't disappear into the darkness... :mrgreen:

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