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BeEP's motors - Multipla for sale. 21/11/20

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Ok, colour me interested. I need to move the Transit on first though (which is already ongoing).


Edit - Just seen you're in Norfolk, might make the logistics complex. Not impossible though....


West Norfolk which is a bit closer to you than East!  Happy to collect from Downham Market station, which has a direct service from Kings Cross (or from March station for anyone coming from the Midlands/North).

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Volvo 850 now sold.  Chap viewed on Saturday, phoned on Sunday offering quite a bit less than the 'lowest price' I'd given him, then kept increasing his offer over the past three days until he got back to my price.  Quite chuffed with myself fof holding out for once.


Multipla MOT on Tuesday, which will decide whether that goes up for sale or straight to CarTakeBack!

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Multipla didn't quite pass the MOT!  Not too bad overall but not worth me paying for welding so up for grabs for spares or repairs for a week then off to CarTakeBack.


Failure points were:

Welding to 'outrigger' under nsf seat.  I knew about this bit; it's a simple plate approx. 5" x 2" required.

Welding to osr spring mount.  This is the killer, it's the inverted dome which sits inside the top of the spring.  Craig the Princess's had the same problem and it's time-consuming to build back up.

Bush in osf lower suspension arm.  Not too bad to do; I did one on CtP's car last year.

Headlamp alignment.


Really not too much for a 17 year old car, but given that it's got a scrape down the nearside already, it's probably not going to make more that £400 with a MOT.  If anyone on here wants it then get in touch (or look for the Gumtree ad later).








On a different note, this took up temporary residence yesterday.  Bought by a friend from Wuvvum, we had a cross-Norfolk trip in the Punto to collect.  It will supply spares for his; in the mean time a local cat seems to be smitten by it!



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I very much doubt anyone on here will be interested in buying, but after much thought I've put the Mk1 Austin 1100 up for sale.  It just doesn't really get used (90 miles between the last MOTs) and funds will go towards the restoration of the Mk3 1100 and 1800, plus the Antique Gold Allegro I've recently acquired from Craig the Princess (keep forgetting to take a photo of it).  Link to ad below, plus some photos to remind myself how daft I'm being selling it...








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To bring my current cars up to date, here is the Allegro mentioned above poking its nose into the sun earlier this morning...


And here it is a couple of hours later...


The engine needed to come out as when last in use (2011) the diff was making a painfully odd noise.  I have a spare of the correct ratio so intend to just swap it and do a quick clean up whilst the engine's out.

I had already cut out the worst of the outer front panel and osf wing lower corner, and had my tame welder lined up to do the work in the near(ish) future (repair panels are available from the club).  However, when underneath it this morning I discovered the offside 'chassis leg' is badly rotten.  It's funny how three quarters of the car is pretty good (for an Allegro) yet one corner is falling apart.  Will have to see what tame welder says; but it might be another for the back burner.

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27 minutes ago, purplebargeken said:

Oh dear god, that little 1100 is an utter peach and well worth the price. Fabulous!

Thanks Ken,.  I decided to keep the Allegro estate and sell the 1100 instead; the Allegro is more practical (and currently the only vehicle I have to tow the ride-on mower with - reversing the little trailer with the LDV 400 is nigh on impossible as you can't see it until it's jack-knifed).  Anyone with the skills to sort out the 1100's minor paint issues would have themselves one of the best there is that hasn't had a full blown restoration.

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12 minutes ago, SiC said:

That 1100 looks a bit of alright, especially for the money.

Sad thing is, mine will never be anywhere near as that good. Even after all the work I've put into it!

Thanks.  I know what you're saying, but I'd imagine you'll become more attached to yours.  I bought this one much like it is now (minus the bit of brake fluid damage - oops) and apart from routine jobs and minor tinkering haven't needed to do anything to it.  All my others are orphans rescued from an uncertain fate, much like yours.

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This is true. Even if it feels like at times I'll never get it finished!

The brake fluid incident made me chuckle. I have a similar mark on the front wing of my BGT where I was a bit careless with the eezibleed and had a small drop of brake fluid run down the front wing. Got away with it so much that it only took the top layer of paint off, but it still left a mark in the paint. :|

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Another overdue update...

A month on and the 1100 hasn't sold.  I've taken a punt and entered it into ACA's next classic auction on 15th June.  I'd be happy with the reserve price (even after fees) so am just gambling with the entry fee.

White Volvo 850 went straight through a MOT last week.  Advisories for one tyre (now replaced) and a slight oil leak.  Taxed it this morning; I'll use it through June and then make a decision on its future but it's likely to be sold next month.

And May saw three new additions...

i) a cheap Renault Scenic.  Drives very well (I've done 330 miles in the last week) and has obviously been well looked after but does have a few minor foibles.  Will be for sale once the V5 arrives; it was posted so will be another couple of weeks.  I'll do a proper for sale ad then, but if anyone wants to be first in the queue please get in touch.  MOT Dec.  Shiter's price £365 (that's just one pound per day for a year; after that it's free ?).


ii) MG 1100.  Bought blind (stupidly).  Massively flattered by photo.  The aim was a scruffy but usable everyday car, and I went for it based on the MOT history and the fact the previous owner was apparently taking his one year old out in it three months ago.  Unfortunately the offside sill was a lovely cover sill, which has now exploded in a mass of rust and newspaper (dated 2016!!), and has virtually no attachment to the floor left.  Heelboard also needs significant work.  There are other, simpler bits which also need doing, and at the end of that I'll still have a tatty looking car.  Heart says keep; head says I should still get my money back with a decent (and honest) advert.


iii) Austin Allegro 1.3HL.  Acquired after the owner approached the club after a family bereavement and I happened to be the nearest person able to rescue it.  Very solid but paintwork has suffered from being stored under a cover and suspension needs re-gassing.  Will be MOT'd and offered on through the club.


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3 minutes ago, BeEP said:

And to bring today up to date the turquoise Allegro now has a shiny new MOT.  It failed last week on two tyres (I should have looked at the inner sidewalls!) and emissions.  Three quarters of a turn on the mixture screw (HIF carb being a late A+ model) had it spot on.

Oh God.

How much please? 

I hope to Christ I can’t afford it because I’ve wanted one for 20 years and you’re in the same county! 

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At least I seem to be consistent with approximately monthly updates!

As reported in the Anglia Car Auction thread the Austin 1100 sold for more than I expected last month.

The Renault Scenic finally sold via Gumtree today, to a nice young lady who's already owned (and broken) three of them.

Volvo 850 still available, if it hasn't gone by early next month I will probably risk it in ACA's classic sale on 24th Aug.  They sold an apparently unremarkable V70 phase 1 for a surprising amount in April, and it's certainly a low hassle way of selling.

MG1100 sold a couple of weeks ago via an ebay classified ad; somehow I managed to make a profit despite its problems.

So obviously it made sense to toddle over to Leicestershire with the trailer yesterday and return with this.  In my defence I paid less than half than I did for the MG1100. Plan is to clean up, get running and hopefully replace the blown rear displacer.  Like the MG it will then be sold on as a project with a honest and detailed advert. Only downside was the broken exhaust on the LDV, which I have to fix before Craig the Princess needs to use it on Tuesday.  Still got me home though, despite shearing the front downpipe.  To be honest, it didn't really make it any noisier!




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  • 2 months later...

Somehow three months have elapsed since I last updated this.  It's been fairly quiet on the car front though, with the white 850 selling in August to a nice young couple from Essex who asked me whether I'd heard of a YouTube channel called HubNut!  The VP1300 has gone to a friend in the village, although it is still residing here along with three others he owns including this...


Then in September the Mk1 Punto failed its MOT quite comprehensively on rot in the rear arches (I really should have had a proper poke!).  It's currently on the naughty step; I can't bring myself to scrap it but can't justify getting it fixed at the moment either.  If anyone on here wants it for spears or reapers at about scrap value then please get in touch.

So the hunt was on for a new winter hack.  This was interrupted by a week away visiting relatives in Greater Manchester and Sheffield, which the Allegro estate stepped into the breach for and didn't miss a beat.  On my return I grabbed this from 10 miles away so at least I had something in the bag; an apparently daunting MOT failure list which really broke down into fix brakes and fit new rear silencer.


The brakes just needed freeing off (pads and sliders were pretty stuck), and a new MOT achieved on Monday.  However, in the meantime I went and bought this as well,


1.1LX, so no ball of fire but actually a pretty good car for £205.  Six weeks MOT so how much of a bargain will be determined shortly.

As a result the Picanto is up for sale; I'm about to pop over to the for sale board and post an advert.

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19 hours ago, BorniteIdentity said:

Ooof. Primrose yellow Raver 75. I still remember the kerfuffle when @EssDeeWon battled to buy his. A fantastic hue, but they do like to fade. Is he planning on keeping it forever?

Oh, and moar pics of the Allegro estate. I saw one the other week - they’re so gawky. I love them!

Got to be worth a note under the wiper arm Bornite, if you're still after one of these.  That one doesn't look too bad, they often come up a little brighter in real life as every photo of mine looks more faded than it actually is.  Its the horizontal panels that come off worse over time.  

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  • BeEP changed the title to BeEP's motors - Multipla for sale. 21/11/20

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