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Someone please buy my MG Midget


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1974 MG Midget 1275 Chrome Bumper RWA


Here is my old MG, she’s a little tired around the edges but she has never been fully restored and mechanically she is 100% and she drives so well. I’m only selling as with a 7 month old son I have just do not have the time to use. This MG has been in my family since 2005 when my mum purchased her from another long term owner and when she became too much for my mum to use I stepped in and took over her ownership. The Round wheel arch (RWA) model is quite rare as I believe they were only made for a short time before production switched to the rubber bumper models.


The car is MOT and TAX exempt and I have a history folder going back 25+ years with old MOT’s and TAX discs, loads of receipts etc. Over the years it has had various upgrades like braided brake hoses, alternator, brakes, genuine mini light alloys that are still like new with michelien tyres, K&N air filter, inertia reel seatbelts, wood rim steering wheel etc etc.


The most recent work was a new rear axle, fuel pump and clutch over the last year or so. The seats and carpets are in very good condition and the seats are original to the car. If you wanted to make the interior perfect all it would take is a new set of door cards. Electrically everything works with sensible upgrades where needed e.g. halogen headlights and inline fuses added along with electric washers.


Bodywork wise underneath is all solid but being a white car it shows any small marks easily. The body is not rotten but the paint is starting to bubble and flake on the top of the rear quarters and both a panels have a small amount of bubbling at the bottom alongside the expected marks for a car of its age, as you can see it polishes up well enough from a distance but up close it could do with some paintwork. The front end panels were all replaced about 10 years ago along with welding to the inner sils and rear spring hangers so these are all solid. Chrome is generally in good, original condition. I have 2 extra tonneau covers that came with the car when my mum purchased it and the hood is in good overall condition and holds up well to the weather. The engine, gearbox and drivetrain are all working well, starts easily and pulls well with decent oil pressure, no axle or gearbox whines or bangs, all gears easy to get etc.


In summary this is a fantastic opportunity to buy and use it as is for the next few years or restore the body and sell on (fully restored these seem to go for anything from £8-10K). I will be sorry to see it go but like I say it is just not being used enough currently and I do not see that changing in the near future and its too good to leave in the garage.


Looking for £2750 which I think is a fair price for an up together MG which can be used or tidied up a bit if wanted.


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Hooli to the beige phone please.


It's tempting and I think I'd like another, but no. I sold the last one as I didn't use it because any day good enough for a Midget meant I took the bike out.


The RWA ones do look just right though.

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I restored one of these about 20 years ago, the round wheel arch versions like this are the ones to go for and they do look good in white - mine was exactly the same.


I'm 6'1" tall and a portly gentleman and I never had a problem fitting in.  I'd recently come from a Suzuki Cappuccino and the Midget was much more roomy.  I think they do about 85-90mph flat out but the limit of human endurance is 60ish.  After I restored mine the first long journey was from south Wales to Leicestershire and by the end I was knackered but exhilarated.  A half hour commute on windy roads is great fun though

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Would. But can't - same situation as you, OP.


MGs like this are getting rare. It's either complete sheds or fully restored cars and not a lot in between any more. This would make a great car for bumming around in and not having to worry too much about. Someone on here really should snap this up.

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I might have a steering wheel boss for Mountney wheels somewhere still that'd fit it if you fancy a smaller wheel. The bus sized original wheel was the only thing I didn't like on mine.

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Would. But can't - same situation as you, OP.


MGs like this are getting rare. It's either complete sheds or fully restored cars and not a lot in between any more. This would make a great car for bumming around in and not having to worry too much about. Someone on here really should snap this up.

Yeah thats totally what this car is about to me, you COULD restore it and make it another trailer queen show car but I love the fact that its never been off the road for any significant time.


Yes it has the odd bit of surface rust but its solid where it matters and it drives so so well. I keep toying with keeping it but I know if I did: 


1. my wife would kill me

2. it would just deteriorate to the point it would need a full restoration as its sitting under my carport doing nothing really and I have to make a point of driving it. It needs to be driven!

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      Hey y'all,
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      It looks like a Renault 9. It kinda is, in a way. It's the bottom of a R11 with the top of a R9 with the back that they came up with over here ad-hoc. The engine's about the same, it's an Espace block, bored out with a crank specific to the engine, and a 1.7 turbo head- to give a capacity of 2.0 litres. Makes the car shift like a scalded cat.
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      The main dealer service history is incredible with 8 miles between services some years.  She walked her MOT and  now drives like a she has just rolled out of the showroom, unsurprisingly given she's only covered 17 k from new, the interior leather looks like it's just had the plastic removed at the dealers and the rear seats have allegedly never been sat in   

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