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Jim Bell

*TSport Yaris roffle* £10 or 3 for £25

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Loot has been lobbed at you. Not enough to hurt.

Where the hell is this thing ? I'll have to read the whole bloody

thread now to find out how far I won't have to go to get it.

I hope. Number nine isn't a lucky number. I hope.

South Shields near Newcastle man. It's not far. There's a train station, an airport and plenty of roads.

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South Shields near Newcastle man. It's not far. There's a train station, an airport and plenty of roads.

You have the sea there too...Argonaut up the coast (dodging canoeists) and romping up the beach is too often overlooked imo.


I miss Super Champs

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Near Newcastle! You're a sand dancer you mackem cant!


Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk



I'm currently living in South Shields.  I'm from Denton Burn, Blakelaw, Pendower, Slatyford, Benwell, all over Fenham, Kenton, all over Walker, Brunswick Village, and Cullercoats originally.


Say South Shields to anyone South of Middlesbrough and they probably think its in Kent.

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Thank to everyone thats paid, theres only one person paid to the wrong paypal account so far so we are doing better than usual.

Hopefully we will be on for Saturday, finders crossed. Keep your eyes on the green.

1. DaveQ
2. Liggle
3. Problemhamster
4. Sic
5. Tayne
6. Minimad5
7. Tickman
8. Dick Longbridge
9. Puddlethumper
10. Disco Fever
11. Cortinadave
12. Yeswesee
13. Mark
14. Shandylegs
15. Timewaster
17. Tayne
18. Exiledtatgatherer
20. Alanism
21. JimbobMcgregor
22. GM (fee Dome)
23. Yeswesee
25. Groovylee
26. Sportyshite
27. FabergéGregg's
28. Gadgetgricey
30. Flat4alfa
31. Killtox
32. GM
33. Maurice Marina.
35. Paulplom
36. HpiMatrix
37. Iamgroot
38. Exiledtatgatherer
39. Mark
42. GM
43. Yeswesee
44. Cavcraft
46. SOC
47. Paulplom
48. Exiledtatgatherer
49. Outlaw118
50. GeordieInExile
51. Jazoli
52. Cobblers
53. £95Peugeot
54. Aldo135 (Tickman)
55. Paulplom
56. Keith777
57. Iamgroot
58. Exiledtatgatherer
59. J-T

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Hope this clears for Saturday as Im up at Beamish on Sunday. As a visitor not an exhibit.


It just seems fate.

The Super Major is back in use and regularly bogglering around.

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    • By AlsoMike
      I bought this as a stopgap, its purpose has been filled, and now I need something more economical.
      Its a 2000 Mazda 323F, with a 1.8 petrol engine and auto box (4 speed with lock out in top). Its in decent enough condition, looks tidy, starts, runs and drives with no major issues, decent amount of poke when needed. MoT is till November.  Interior is very tidy and shows little wear. Leccy windows, mirrors, sunroof which all work, AC which does not. The downsides are there are 3 small chips in the windscreen, all less than 10mm. And it could do with a tyre changing on the front as its cracked with age.
      More photos when its stops raining. Oh, and economy-wise it averages around 33mpg with mixed driving, more on a long run.
      Looking for £300 for a sale, or prepared to roffle at £5 if theres enough interest, could do with shifting it relatively quickly though. I'm also up for swaps, preferably for something small, petrol and manual. Small Peugeots are a preference.
      Oh, and its in Lincoln. Sorry.
    • By Burnside
      Well after almost 11 years it time to part ways with my Cavalier as recent changes mean I'm needing a estate car now. 
      It's in tidy condition for it age and years but is no show car, though saying that I get plenty of nice comments off people about it which is nice!  Will be really sad to see it go as it's been a fantastic car to me and has always been a dependable friend. Holidays, house moves, days out, road trips buying tat or being on family taxi duty. It does it all without fuss. 
      I have folders full of various receipts and bills for work carried out over the years and have got various spares mainly used that I can include if wanted.  I also have a compete spare 1.8 engine with 74,000 miles available too. 
      Mileage is 204,000 but I did replace the engine with a secondhand unit about a year after first buying it with similar miles due to a oil pressure fault.  Though I've seen these Cavaliers with over  250,000+ miles and I have no issues with driving this car anywhere as these are hardy things. 
      I've always serviced the car each year and always use a quality 15w40 oil.   In recent years it had all new shocks/ front springs and top mounts. Front Brakes and had various other parts replaced as needed to keep it ticking over. 
      Has Pas, leccy front windows and central locking. Also has working Towbar see pic bellow. 
      There so much more I can say but I'd be here all night!
      Currently awaiting some Mot repairs to sort out emissions [ replace front downpipe ] and some minor welding to the rear floor pan . It should be ready for me to collect by Friday.  Any questions just ask away. Will add some pictures over the weekend once I've got the Car back. Still Insured till the end of May and Taxed etc. 

    • By loserone
      Something amazing has come up, so this being the sensible economical family car I'm moving it on.  If it doesn't go quick I'll more the 205 on instead once it's tested, which would make much more sense as I like it a lot.

      Running perfectly. 
      Pretty economical; guessing very high thirties or low 40s.
      Peugeot ride quality
      Big boot.
      Soft comfortable seats
      Needs a new side repeater lens (£15 on eBay)
      Could do with new tyres on the front as they're worn Chinese ditchfinders
      Bottoms of the doors are scruffy.
      Passenger window needs help to go back up.
      Located in Durham, delivery available at cost.

    • By TheDoctor
      Go on, relieve my boredom... 
      MOT November. 
      Brakes now fixed. 
      Exhaust in a bit of a mess, but not actually loud. 
      83,000 miles. 
      Located in Essex, near Southend-on-Sea. 

    • By SRi05
      Aye, it's this fucking thing again.
      111k Miles
      MOT August 23rd
      Drives well, very very well
      Never let me down
      Would genuinely drive it anywhere [/cliche]
      Previously owned and cared for by many shiters
      Needs a backbox fitted and a speed sensor - INCLUDED with the car, I'm not spending anymore money getting them fitted, picking up new* car on Saturday.
      Previous info, pretty much everything you need to know HERE
      Eight pounds and fifty pence for a single ticket, two for fifteen pounds. Located in Glass-Coh, Scotland. It can be collected from a secure car park a 5 minute walk away from Glasgow Airport for EASE if required. 2 minutes away from the M8 heading back south.
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      29.loserone (Tickman) 
      30. 95 quid peogeot
      32. gm
      33. fatharris
      34. Braddon81
      35. Djoptix 
      36. fatharris (Jim Bell)
      38. Flat4
      41. BL Bloke
      42. clayts450
      43. seacow
      44. DialATune
      45. Loserone (jim Bell) 
      46. Aston Martin
      48. Eddyramrod
      49. fatharris (twosmoke)
      50. pauldoubleyou
      51. Cheezey
      53. Loserone (Davehedgehog31) 
      54. garellikatia
      55. Danterzza 
      57. 95 quid peugeot
      59. Aston Martin

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