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Shitting in the shallow end.

Jim Bell

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's about that time. 


Time for a cervix and twiddle. 



The oil filter that was on the car was the short variety so has been replaced with the correct higher capacity longer type. 

The air filter top resonator box thing has been changed, along with one in the traditional filter housing. 

Fuel filter done and some fresh oil slopped in. 


Ready for another 4000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. 


Last tank, which was all local driving, still returned 42.5 mpg. Really need a good run out somewhere far away to up these figures somewhat. 






Few pics from around the doors.

















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  • Jim Bell changed the title to Shitting in the shallow end.
7 minutes ago, fatharris said:

Has the roffle been shitcanned? Couldn't see it anywhere.

Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk

Sorry lads aye. 

The car I was replacing the Cav with fell through so it's being kept for the moment. 

That's two failed roffle attempts for the old girl now! That might be a record. 

Someone one here is keen to buy the Cav outright so there is dibs in force at present time, for if I happen to see something I fancy. 

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It was as hot. 

Hotter than a Hot Spot on Strike It Lucky hosted by Michael Barrymore. 



It was as so hot that you could fry a quails egg on a mobile phone case if you left it in direct sunlight. 

It  was hot and England were playing. At football. 

I'm not allowed to watch the football because I get a bit bitey and shouty. So I had to find something else to do. 




No Michael Barrymore. Not that.  

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I had to do SOMETHING. 




So what do we do when we are bored?

Buy a car. 

But I have a car. 

So. Sell that car. 

And buy another car. 

That sounds like a fucking stupid thing to try and do on the same day. When it involves trains and busses and money and people and miles and stuff. 



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Brave @Split_Pin set off from his country on a bus, because the trains were borken, to connect with a train which was meant to work, but ended up being broken but then a man fixed it at the platform.  He is the lucky new owner of the Diesel Cavalier and arrived in Newcastle with just enough time for a handshake and a key handover. 

I was in such a rush that I didn't even take a photo. 

Artist's impression. 



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Car is absolutely fantastic. @Peter C picked a good un and many thanks to @Agila for passing it on at a bargain Autoshite price, for picking me up, and for being an all round gent. 

No fuel shot because @Agila passed it on with a full tank. No woolard because I forgot. No breakfast shot because I was too busy to have breakfast. 

All in all I give this half arsed collection thread 4/10. 

I'm very happy though. 


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Everyone says this and it's such a cliché but this time it's true: the car drives like its brand new. It's looks and feels like a new car. I can't believe how immaculate it is (by my low standards anyway).

It floats you along like you're being carried by 10,000 quiet but strong mice with bionic scuttling legs. It barely makes a sound and the ride is Comfortable with a capital C. 

It pulls it's skirt hem up and dashes away like a milk maid you've just caught shitting behind a hedge when you push the (not very) loud pedal. I'd say it's fast enough for the needs of young modern wannabe executives like me. 

It's class. 


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2 minutes ago, Talbot said:

*looks around suspiciously*

"wanna sell a car radio?"

PM me your address man and I'll post it out when I get a mo, if you're happy to pay postage.  

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3 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

PM me your address man and I'll post it out when I get a mo, if you're happy to pay postage.  

Supremely generous of you!  Pm incoming.

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4 minutes ago, Split_Pin said:

It looks in great condition! Look at those arches. 

Cheers for the easy transaction also chap, the Cavalier drives smashing, very wafty. It was a bonny drive back up through Ponteland and beyond. It hasn't even used 1/4 of the full tank you put in despite me pressing on.

And cheers for a quick easy transaction too man!

I don't think you'll manage to get it below 40 mpg even if you really peddle it. 50 is easily achievable if you're careful too. Not that being careful is too much fun. 


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25 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:



Boom. A great big car.  It's great.  It's big. It's a car. 

Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme
And put your car on cruise and lay back cause this is summertime

Riding around in your  benzos

The temperature's about 88

Then six o'clock rolls around
You just finished wiping your car down
It's time to cruise so you head to the summertime hangout
It looks like a car show
Everybody come lookin real fine
Fresh from the barber shop or fly from the beauty salon
Every moment frontin and maxin
Chillin in the car they spent all day waxin
Leanin to the side but you can't speed through
10* miles an hour so everybody sees you
There's an air of love and of happiness


Excellent day all round. I celebrated when I got back with a Domino's. Over did it and feel like that gluttony victim out of the movie Se7en.


Took the replacement out for a blast and it's pretty nippy.  Deceptively fast. License losing speeds in mere seconds. (Hence sale of this beauty)

The only thing that eases the pain is knowing how smitten you are with it.

I don't think I'll ever buy a better value for money car ever again. Incredibly well bought by Peter originally and I just got lucky.

Thanks for today @Jim Bellit was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

I couldn't help but smile knowing how you'd feel driving home. One day I'll have another.

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