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Shitting in the shallow end. Blue StInca.

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7 hours ago, cort1977 said:

I can assure the honourable member that such an arrangement is fully MOT compliant, M9.

Our old mk3 cavalier went through 6 mots like that.  All at the same place. Only once did he be arsed to put it down in the comments.  His advisories were always verbal too.  Oh how I miss Gordon. 

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1 hour ago, juular said:

I don't know why but this car, the tiny steel wheels, the colour, the dent and the eager wee exhaust pipe, it all makes me grin like mad. What a great little thing. Well bought.

It's such a cheery thing that even looking at it from a long way gives my a worm feeling in my emotions hutch. 



It could only be improved by being yellow really. 

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I never like seeing these middle nuts exposed (or any nuts exposed if I'm not expecting it) and I remembered I had some PSA centres lying around somewhere. 









Umm. They look like they've been spermed upon by the goblin of uncertain times. 

I gave them a good clean with off brand Fairy Liquid and elbow grease but that made 0% improvement. 


So I went to Wickes for some Plastikote. 



Wickes, as you can see, was closed. 

So I went to Halfords.  

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Next up for small improvement is the interior. As @davehedgehog31 advised, the stitching had EXPLOD on the rear seat base. 



So I did exactly what anybody's Nana would do and I threw a Tartan blanket over it. 





I'd say that counts as about a 25% completed camper conversion. 



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2 minutes ago, loserone said:

Fat.  And tall.  Should be 155s I think?

Don't bodyshame my tyres you facist. They're perfect the way they are. 

I think they were van spec tyres that P.O. sourced cheaply. 

They ride lovely and grip well so I'm in no hurry to change them.  

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