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Shitting in the shallow end 2022 Rexton review.

Jim Bell

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I'm a member of English Heritage and have a couple of passes if anyone wants to visit the priory, I just live up the road.

I was thinking of taking my drone for some proper photos but I can't remember if it's allowed. I got chased from St. Mary's light house car park with it. They had erected a sign that you had to read with a magnifying glass.

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On 6/22/2022 at 11:20 AM, Back_For_More said:

Are they felt or rubber based? Just thinking they may spoil your concours finish fella.......

For an emergency fuel helper in the garage I cobbled together ages ago - I used the bizarrely very strong magnets from a knackered hard drive but had to remember a cloth/rag in between them and the paintwork..... these (if rubber based) would've been ideal.

Mine was a shitshow compared to yours - and I stood on the fucker about 9mths after I made it and cracked it to buggery......

top mancrafting sir


I don't give a shit about my paint and JB is the same. They definitely would scratch a decent finish.

I use HDD magnets to keep this piece of caravan awning stuck to my Quickjack, in case of driving rain. They're powerful, eh?


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  • Jim Bell changed the title to Shitting in the shallow end.... Live!!

I've not been feeling too great lately so I went to see the doctor (not that one).

I told him I'd been sweating, shaking and had bad wind and terrible nightmares. He said it sounded like withdrawal symptoms. He asked had I given up drinking or smoking recently. 

I looked down at the can of Stella in my hand and said no. No I'm still drinking too much and I can't afford to smoke. 

I did mention that since buying the Rexton, that I'd pretty much given up buying shite old cars COLD TURKEY. 



He said this could be very dangerous and that I really should have tapered off and I should buy something SMALL to ease the symptoms. 

I asked for a second opinion and his mate came in and told me that I should also lose a lot of weight. 



The cunt. 

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So with no time to lose, the doctor (not that one) printed out the internet and started pointing out potential purchases. 



He didn't seem to know fuck all about old cars so I just took a prescription for tramadol and said I'd sort it out myself. 

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  • Jim Bell changed the title to Shitting in the shallow end 2022 Rexton review.

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