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AVAILABLE AGAIN! - Honda Prelude 2.0 F-Series, MOT - August 19', Only 108k, A lovely lovely example! :)


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Honda Prelude 2.0 F-Series

Welcome one and all,

I present a very clean Honda Prelude!....I am listing and have put together this advert for the car on behalf of another forum member with limited access to a desktop computer so here we are...was bought by the last owner from another shiter on here! (can be found here - http://autoshite.com...de#entry1680073) In his opinion, it is the most tidy and well cared for Prelude he has seen and driven.

Lets kick it off with the vital statistics....

Mileage - Only 108k which as many will agree given her age is nice and low bros!

MOT - August 2019

Taxed to get you home

Its an auto, comes with 2 keys, has 4 almost new tyres with plenty of tread on, new Monroe springs and new KYB shocks, stoplock and key to deter the crims! a Bluetooth CD-Player headunit,

Everything else is working as it should be! :)

Work and important bits that have been done -


Cambelt has been done recently (A Gates belt has been fitted)

Recent oil change (lovely golden brown)

Recent Automatic Transmission Fluid change (Fluid is nice, fresh and red - NOT horrible, dirty and black!)

Rear Drop Links

Steering Arms on the front

Negatives -

Engaging Park can be a little stiff sometimes - Suspect it to be a cable that needs lubing up. It engages Park absolutely fine. Wiggling back and forth and it loosens up hence why I say cable and needing lubing.

Very occasional knock on the back when going over the odd bump, so a rear drop link was replaced. Knock still present, garage verdict - shock absorber.

A few slight bubbles on the rear arch

.......apart from that...a lovely example with years and years of life!

The car is located in Glasgow and I'd like £750 ovno for a shitter. Am after a replacement that will take a kiddies car seat so if you have anything that fits the bill.....PM me! (Unclefester is the vendor)

Now have some pictures....if you need anymore just ask...






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I have owned this car, and it is the nicest example you'll find outside of a whiteroom motors ltd £4995 effort. It really is a beauty. Old nails still go for 1k+ so this is a bargain. I'd love it to stay on the forum so it doesn't get ruined, plus I'd probably have it back one day

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Thank you sir for your time putting the pics up really appreciate it. Just want it to stay on the forum were it belongs and not messed about with by some plum off gumtree.

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