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MK3 Golf Auto 5 door £150 Now with photos


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That's actually quite tempting in a way. And you're local.



I swear I've seen this, or it's double, parked in Tesco Basingstoke on more than one occasion.

Never been to Tesco amazingstoke. If I'd known about this last year I might have bought the triplet just for shits and giggles.
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The smell of large hounds running free inside the red Golf was something to behold. It's not something I will forget (I think).


Mk3 Golfs are pretty bloody fine, you can still do most things on them at the side of the road with a bag of assorted spanners and Milky Way wrappers, it all felt solid and pretty well put together and stuff was pretty cheap to get hold of. 

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Still not sure if you want to buy it?


Here's a few examples of what £150 can buy you.....


Fiesta with 5 days mot:




Auto Focus with a fubar'd gearbox:



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