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Volvo 960 3.0 24v auto


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Anyone fancy a big Swedish barge?
It's a 3.0 24v Auto
Mot until May 2019
112k miles on the clock
Starts, stops and drives.


There's a bit clunk/knock coming from the front left suspension and there's a special technique required for starting it but other than that it's a decent enough old car. The engine is smooth, quiet and has loads of torque. The autobox works fine.

I have too many cars hanging around so will be selling this and the E30 and possibly something else in the near future.


46726213462_70e2978cbe_c.jpgRJC_6459 by srblythe, on Flickr


46053868984_f4bff7ba62_c.jpgRJC_6460 by srblythe, on Flickr


46053868654_2f7c7466b8_c.jpgRJC_6462 by srblythe, on Flickr


46053867864_76973aef2f_c.jpgRJC_6467 by srblythe, on Flickr


39813613123_600bab8180_c.jpgRJC_6473 by srblythe, on Flickr


39813612343_b090c3148a_c.jpgRJC_6478 by srblythe, on Flickr


39813610773_9d6dffc08f_c.jpgRJC_6482 by srblythe, on Flickr


39813609233_f03c8294f3_c.jpgRJC_6483 by srblythe, on Flickr


46053864304_a0e4ae96b9_c.jpgRJC_6487 by srblythe, on Flickr







Fife, Scotland

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I think that the 960 saloon will one day be one of the most sought after Volvos.

122 GT, 164, 960, 850R maybe the V8 S80 , that's it for great Volvos. The 960 was a revelation after the crude 740/60 in that it rode and handled almost as we'll as the e34, w124 and Senator, ie as good as sub Jag saloons got. The turbo was a bit downmarket although just as fast as the 24v ( maybe faster, it was a long time ago).

But given the choice of a £30,000 car in 1992 and I'd have chosen a 960 24v. These late ones are even plusher inside and for £500 this is the sale of the fucking century.

If I thought for a second I could get away with an extra car , I'd be on the Eazyjet website now.

As it is I can't so I'm just wasting every bodies time.

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So much for reducing fleet numbers!


That 244 looks scrumptious, fingers crossed for a blue corduroy interior.

Yes, I'm sure this is exactly how to reduce numbers ha ha but the opportunity of owning a 244 can't really be missed!

£500 plus the 960 sounds good to me.

It just means I'll have to look at getting rid of other cars such as the e30, 190e, mazda 323 and probably the Sierra.


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