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95 quid Peugeot

ACA Kings Lynn

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Bikes - good. But this....




Are these shit and horrible? I want to like them, but suspect they're not for me.

320? Fabulous.

500?? Fab-ooo-lush.


They’re great cars. Expensive to maintain well, but thoroughly worthwhile. I wouldn’t bother though unless thoroughly committed long term.

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I've seen SLs go through before and always thought what a massive bargain they are.

Handsome, imposing cars. Possibly a non embarrassing convertable.

Built in Mercedes over engineering era and bound to rise in value.


Can't help thinking the first bill would be enough for you to send it back to the auction though.

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I have rather fancied a R129 for a good while. I had a petrol blue R107 300SL about six years ago when they were still cheap-ish. I guess the R129 are price-wise where the R107s were then. There's a white 1993 SL280 with genuine AMG monoblocks for £4.5K near by which seems jolly nice. I seem not to worry about the mega sized engines so much as they are not the sort of cars you thrash. 

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This Daimler looks nice, if a bit bright.




And this giffer merc could be a good price,




This is reserve tbc, low looking (90k) miles, cow and air con. I’d guess £3-£4K but would be interested to see what it goes for. Seatbelt butler has been glued messily, but they’re only £20 from Mercedes so may be a sign of neglect.




And for those flush from a lottery win, an ex George Harrison w126 amg.https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-26th-january-2019/1984-mercedes-w126-500-sel-amg/

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