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Cavcraft 2020: No smoke, no poke. But still not much poke.

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Don’t forget the Cat is worth a few bob on those!


That's why the yard is always very keen to take these off me! 

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This was the other one. Bottled out of driving it home 20 odd miles, had planned to take some straps to keep the bonnet down and just go for it. The yard said it's a frag job, bit of a shame as it had 12 months MOT.



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Right, things have been moving apace recently.


This came and went...




..was stuck in an orchard, not running.


This came and went...





This turned out to be knackered so sadly went...




There was some sort of C220 estate thing that was knackered, then there was this, courtesy of Chaseracer and his very kind friend, Ray.




Non-runner, dash lights gone for a Burton. Tried three different batteries (before realising they were all flat!) and spent time arsing about cleaning the - lead contacts. Put the battery off the spare Puma on, dash lights worked, car tried to start. 

That sounded promising, so spent 20 frustrating minutes trying to find my boost pack (obvs. it was in the same place I looked three times at) and it fired up! Happy days!


The n/s/f tyre (nearly new Michelin :( ) had a gash in the sidewall, so I lobbed the spare on (dreadful)…




...then remembered there was a similar sized decent one in my lock-up, somewhere. Ten minutes of routing round later, found two, one punctured, one ok. Two trips to the local tyre shop later...





...and we're in business. Now time for a drive...










And time for a bath, a bloody good bath, preceded by a bloody good shower...









Thus leading to...









Back seats refitted (Google/YouTube)…



Pretty sure these were a joint effort between Ford, VW and Seat. See if you can spot VW's input, cleverly* having drains that block, fill the footwell AND STOP THE FUCKING CENTRAL LOCKING WORKING.




Shit got real...








Tried to unblock drains and checked tyre pressures, whilst also using the wet and vac to draw about 6,000 litres of water out of the footwell.


Did some more cleaning (mostly inside) and it's a hell of a lot better now. Oh, one of the scrappers had a brand spanking new tyre in the boot the same size as the Galaxy one, so that's going to be fitted at some point.




Drives ok, doesn't seem as quick as the 2005 Sharan TDi once owned, but still goes ok and is (have been told) it should be veg friendly. Possibly a slight blow from exhaust, and there's a strange annoying whirring or clicking sound from passenger floor area, I think.


Anyhow, it's hopefully going to replace the beloved Vectra as the family car, due to  room/size/dieseltowbar/veg. Fingers crossed.


Thanks again to ChaseRacer and Ray, owe you one.








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On an R plate I would guess it is probably the older rotary pump diesel which were only available in 90 or 110hp FLAVA.


A 2005 would have been a PD, probably a 130, so a decent chunk more power.

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Retiring or retarded, you decide (like you hadn't already)

Sat afternoon check list:

Walk the dog? Done.

Five minute dash round house before missus gets up? Done.

Agreed to buy a car that you haven't seen in photographs, let alone real life?  Done.

Plan to go and pay for it, then cycle back later and pick it up? Done.

Discover upon arrival it's got salvage yard chalk writing on it and a different coloured door?  Done.

Look at receipt from May 2018 for a £620 service and a few bits and feel smug?  Done.

Ride back later to pick it up, get 2 miles away and watch temp gauge steadily ride until it reaches the red, pray to every God known and lose smug smile instantly? Done.

Ladies and genitalmen, I present...

Image may contain: outdoor


Image may contain: car and outdoor

No photo description available.


Image may contain: car and outdoor



 I think a quick message to the yard beckons.


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This is turning into something of a surreal day.  In-between scoring the fabulous Vectra and winning the roffle that I didn't know I'd entered, this got delivered. Yeah, it's modern, but it's partially fucked and was incredibly cheap.




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Fuck, it's done 160k at last MOT so it's sixty thousand past the "mileage of certain death" that those engines seem to have. My Focus was almost like it had a timer set, the odo ticked onto six digits and the whole fucking thing fell apart like a clown car. Didn't realise Binis used the same engine.

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Vectra: last journey booked.

Mini: Engine rattles when revved like a 1978 Ford Pinto 1.6 with a worn cam. Various diagnosis included IT'S FUKED M8/ bottom end gone/top end gone and the recovery driver's firm belief it's injector related. He thought we'd paid £4,000 for the car, incidentally. It'll be for sale (obvs) soon.



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