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Bon Accord: 200 mile report

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Here’s a story for y’all: Today at work, I interviewed the chap who’s the administrator of the Japanese Honda Accord Owners club and forum for a completely unrelated to cars job. He runs it from here in London. He has one of these and was an incredibly nice man. Incredibly nice.

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There's one of these in my local scrapyard selling for £450 ono with some mot on it. 





5431232104_c3f5afbffc_b.jpgG556 AJT by Andy Campbell, on Flickr


This one as spotted by CMS a couple of years ago.


It didn't look too bad, some rust on the arches and a busted ignition, I think it must have been written off after an attempted theft.

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Still, that's pretty tempting. How local Shite_Knight - would you be able to have a nose around it?


I've had a quick look around it but can always go back with my camera and take some better photos if it's still there. It's less than 5 miles away so no major inconvenience. The only damage I could see was the wires hanging out of the ignition barrel, the rest of the interior was in fairly good condition.

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