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    • By Skizzer
      As per the News 24 thread, I have bought another faded glory.
      This time it’s an early E30 320i in Bahama beige with matching brown nylon upholstery. It’s one of my favourite 80s BMW colours, which means it’s desperately uncool to everyone else (except possibly on here of course).
      Collection is this evening: I’ve just got back from the bank.
      Updates to follow .
    • By colc
      Probably not, driving this lot
      to here........

      to collect this

    • By pshome
      It's foggy and we are running late...

      We stay within Bavaria, going to beautiful Deggendorf at the blue river danube.
      Guessing is now officially open.
      Hint: it's blue, of course French and as a pshome first OMG it decides itself what gear is best.
    • By pshome
      Today a dual reverse collection is supposed to start.
      Unfortunately, it does not go well, one car failed to start. By now its flooded and the battery is empty.
      It obviously has character and refuses to leave from a good home.
      We have a ferry to not miss that is far away, as you may know, no seaports in Bavaria...
      For added misery, it rains... no it pours.
      While i have more coffee, some clues:
      - Great circle distance to destination; 1444 km
      - Involves not one but two cars
      - Destination is outside the EU
      - Destination does not use €
      - a lot of driviing and a 20 hour ferry trip is included
      - train, fellow shiter car borrowing and flight tickets assure the return journey
      Public guessing of destination and cars involved is now open.
      Proper collection tool kit is on board.

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