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Xantia 2.0 16v London £250


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That's pretty fit. Contrary to FAKE NEWS stories about me, I don't hate these. I actually prefer the later Phase Ones with the cheese grater grills. Would make a GR13 tip run weapon and for general trolling modern car road users in (or for grating really big blocks of cheese with, at great speed as one hurtles around like an Arial Atom - LHM, YO!).


Not sure if it actually is a VSX, but it has the right alloys - so be prepared to wipe semen off it if you take it any kind of Xantia-molester event.

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16v SXI apparently. I suspect it's actually not that slow for a Citroen....

Same engine as my old one, then. Even though it shared the same XU unit with my 405, which feels nippy, the Xant always felt sluggish in comparison. Obviously it had more weight to lug around due to the hydractive system, but I was suprised at just how much it blunted its performance.

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Any chance of a few basics?


How long is MOT?

Reg number to get insurance quotes?



If it's available this weekend n insurance is similar to 205 and has enough MOT to cover my trip then i want it.

The bumtree ad on my device does not have this info nor does Shittyauto forum.

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This all sounds like a cracking deal to me - and someone should GIB.


I was/am super keen but I've sadly had an attack of the sensibles and can't work up the gumption to buy a second estate car / third residents parking permit / tax disc. If it was an auto I could work on mrs m and try to replace the family CR/V with it...but it's not.


Nor is it quite exciting enough that I want to sell the 205 and use it as my "fun" car, I don't think.


I know I'm going to kick myself for not buying it in the long run as there's unlikely to be a better opportunity to pick up a cheap Xantia and I want one, and this is local and it's a fast estate with a roof rack and an MOT for scrap money.


Most likely I'll have to file Xantias in the list of list of hydropneumatic citroens that I never got to own for practically no money, along with the DS, CX, GS, BX... because I was too gutless and "sensible".


Will someone please buy it so I can get some sleep.

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