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Ramrod's Disorganised Diecast Sale

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Noel: no, sorry, someone 's already grabbed that.


To those who have sent me messages or posted on here when they've paid or their models have arrived: THANK YOU!  I really appreciate knowing these things, mostly because I have so little trust in "the system."


Two more boxes for tomorrow's post...

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Just received mine today. They've replaced loads my parents gave away when i was a kid to the school summer fair (twats). Missus is well annoyed but many fucks not given.

Absolutely chuffed, cheers!

Good lad!

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A fine box of Asda Frosted Flakes from Mr Ramrod's diecast emporium was waiting on the doorstep when I got home. Inside were many delights that will grace the Shite in Miniature thread soon. A++ cellar, wood bye from agane.

I thought he was providing breakfast when my parcel arrived!

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I've dug out some bigger ones...


The fire truck is £1 because it seems to be complete, the others are 50p each because they're all parts cars for various reasons.


Here's what's left of the ones you've seen so far...








There WILL be more.  May not be many more of the small stuff, but I think there are some left, somewhere; but the bigger models, 1/43 or thereabouts, include quite a few that I would consider parts cars.  You might as well have those if you can use them, because I don't think I'm going to.


Watch this space, as they say.


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Ed, I have decided I might after all find room for those Tomte Lardahl rubber Mercs!   Can you put them down to me at whatever the original price was please mate and I would also like the Husky Ferrari LM (it is next to a bright green GT40 in your pic...)


Thank you sir.

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Ahhh! more for me


Please can i request all highlighted in the boxes please.


Please could you hold fire sending these out until you've posted pics of any 1/43 models you have as no doubt i'll probably end up having some of those as well :)










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Difficult because i cant upload images but please can i take:


green and cream horsebox and truck

red combine harvester with yellow thresher

red american thing with white roof and two diamond shaped hood grilles

cream / orange horsebox

dark red bubble top sports car next to the green sports car with the 3 on the bonnet. Is it a ford?


one of the large batmobiles

large fire truck next to it




also any more model kits you have.



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Batman figure would be handy

I've just packed him, sorry!


1:32 car kits?


Or even builts and diecasts 1:28 to 1:36


Also Scalextroshites

I've just packed a bunch of these kits too, but there may very well be more to come.  I'm sure there will be the odd 1/36 Corgi, in fact I know there's a Mercedes taxi; builts, you say?  I might be able to help you there!  I'll shoot some pics tomorrow for you...

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re: builts and diecasts


I've been motorising shite for Scalextric use. Hence keeping the scaling quite tight.

The Corgi Acclaim is running ok, having a Polistil chassis bolted home, but pinion slippage is part of the shakedown issues. Maybe it's the twin Mikuni carbs; too powerful for it :-P


The Jada Batmobile will look daft without a driver figure. No need with Saico Herbie Beetle, because Herbie drove himself - well, he did in those films.


I'll go now.

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