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Ramrod's Disorganised Diecast Sale

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On 9/30/2019 at 10:36 PM, Noel Tidybeard said:

cx & vaux cresta?(behind yeller beetle) please

Yours!  Cresta is an Ope; Diplomat, see below! :)

On 9/30/2019 at 10:46 PM, flat4alfa said:

I’m reasonably sure the Cresta is a Diplomat

I would like the NSU 

Cant place the yellow hatchback at the back - is it Renault 5 or a Honda N600 ?

NSU is yours.  Honda N600 is correct, would you like that too?

On 9/30/2019 at 10:55 PM, BoggyMires said:

Could I get (love that phrase) the blue box F1, golf GTi behind it and the silver Merc looking thing behind that and the cream beetle please?

Silver Merc is  BMW 7-series.  These are all yours.

On 9/30/2019 at 10:56 PM, flat4alfa said:

Over the page there was a small (Lone Star?) Lancia Flamina sedan

and a pair of Britains Land Rovers 

and a (Corgi 1:36?) Rolls Royce convertible missing a bonnet

Are they still available?

I'm sorry, too late; they're all taken.

On 9/30/2019 at 11:10 PM, Noel Tidybeard said:

go on i'll have the pinin landcrab as well

No problem!

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I took my stall to the Lakeland Motor Museum again on Saturday, and sold the last two 1/18s!  And on Friday one arrived from ebay... errr.... in my defence it was one I've been chasing for years, since I first saw one listed.  A yellow 1963 Cadillac convertible, from Scarface, complete with Al Pacino figure.  Still need a Reservoir Dogs Coupe deVille and a 1957 Brougham.  Oh and a Dodge Diplomat (or preferably a few) in either 1/24 or 1/43 scale.

And here they all are, in the same order (except the two I sold which are visible upthread).  You can see why I want them! :)





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Amazingly, I'm still selling stuff!  I've just packed up a box for posting today, and I have two more waiting for notification from PayPal.  I also have some small batches waiting for people to respond to their PMs; PMs which are getting quite old now.  Talk to me, chaps, your toys vintage models are waiting!

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Just a couple of Corgi Jeep FC pickups, I'm afraid.  Two of them had the grain elevator fitted, or at least, I've found two grain elevators; it's possible one had something else.  The belts have gone off the elevators but they will go with the chassis.

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As alluded to in SIM, here are some photos of what I found yesterday.


Assorted chassis and interior bits!  And windows.  These are all Matchbox size and I'll try to match them up with the appropriate bodies, as shown:



10p per shell, with whatever I can find that fits.

Corgi/Spot-On size:






20p per car on these, and again, you'll get as much as I can find.

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Just now, sierraman said:

I’ll go fo the Capri, the two zephyrs,  the Morris 1300 x2, the mini, the box 1800 and the mercury Estate if  that’s ok? 


OK, I've gathered what I can for these; some are more complete than others.  Box 1800?  Which is that?

Just now, bunglebus said:

Is the tailgate for the yellow transit there? Interested if so

Haven't found it yet, sorry.

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And the Hot Wheels Cheetah.  There would have been a motor sticking out of the hood.  If it's missing, no bother I can put any motor in there.  Got any spare motors, any size?  Ullo Ed, got a spare motor?

Parker's Roller looks great potential as a sunshine convertible project.  Yes please.

And the Merc SL if there's a base for it




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    • By Fabergé Greggs
      Lads, lads, lads. Its been ages since I bought a thing, and I LOVE BUYING THINGS. I couldn’t sleep last night, for instance. 
      I feel great because buying vehicles SOLVES ALL OF LIFE’S PROBLEMS (apart from parking permits). 
      Anyway, I just agreed to buy a thing, with collection commencing today or tomorrow. 
      In the meantime, let’s spy on the vendors house on street view shall we? My little bundle of joy is tucked in behind that rather tasty 164. 

    • By flat4alfa
      Bought this off Bramz last month, done a few hundred miles in it.  Perfectly reliable, school run kaos etc
      But had some sudden and big household bills loom, so having a big sell-off

      MOT is only to end of this month though. But everything works - all windows, no dash warnings; it's been a handy and hunky dory motor car.  Interior tidy.  Exterior pretty clean, bar the odd knock and scuff and arch bubble.  It's not a shed by any means.
      History file though up to a point, recent bills for service items, but cambelt roulette.  132k.  Tyres are about 18 months old, but they are budget ditchfinders.  I intended to keep it, wanted this exact spec for years, but will have to let it go after all.
      It will need that dicky front caliper replacing as the stickiness comes back after a few days after freeing it off.  Discs look to have little time left on them too.  Bonus is being the non-Turbo it has drums on the rear.  Synchromesh scratchy when cold, clutch feels a bit crunchy action but plenty of meat there
      Bonuses are: it's green, it's the estate, excellent heater, it's AWD for snowzombievirus kaos, got insurance cover it on classic multicar policy (Hagerty) as now it's old enough 1998
      I just need to get my money back.  It owes me 400 notes.  Can go today
      Yes, the number plate is now fixed properly

      Located M1 corridor Watford <> Luton
      £7 a ticket or 3 for £20
      I'm keeping the Alfa 156 Wagon for now 
    • By C1am
      Well, OK, just a few brochures for sale, after having sorted through my pile over Christmas.
      The postage price will vary according to weight, so the prices below exclude postage - we'll sort this out in PMs. Obviously, if anyone wants more than one, I'll send them together. All are in excellent condition, with some very minor age related creases.
    • By Tartan58
      Before wasting anyone's time this car is not roadworthy, and just outside Edinburgh - it is however very cheap. If this sounds of interest then read on....
      This is your chance to save my project Bini from the scrappy, or worse still, Facebook Marketplace.
      Kind of testing the water really (I hate when people say that in an advert!) but an impending house move and requiring the garage for other stuff during renovations of said new house plus general lack of time and enthusiasm means the sensible thing to do is get shot of it, and in so doing I am admitting failure that I've not been able to rescue this fine little car.
      This is roughly what it looks like:

      I say roughly because the stripes are gone and replaced with racing roundels on the bonnet and doors and a single stripe on the bonnet - which in my opinion looks awesome.
      Bodily it's in excellent condition with no rust or dings however have a look at the MOT fail sheet,  scroll down if you can't be bothered looking it up - this all still needs doing however I do have new trackrod ends, ball joints, top mounts plus discs and pads which can be thrown in for a fair offer (cost me £200 from ECP)
      Now the catch is that the lower nearside suspension bolt has sheared in-situ and the lower ball joint nut is butchered in a failed attempt to remove, this is the primary reason for me throwing in the towel.
      As far as I can tell the engine is good as is the gearbox however I've only driven it 10miles since I bought it last April so absolutely no guarantees offered or implied - it has been garaged all that time and occasionally run up and down the drive.
      Comes with a good wad of history including receipts for recon gearbox and new PAS pump around 40k miles ago.
      The eagle-eyed among you will also spot a mileage discrepancy in the MOT history this is due to a change in speedo unit which has now been changed once more to one with roughly the correct mileage which is somewhere around 130k, of course no guarantees can be offered or implied.
      It starts, drives and stops but would obviously need trailered away.
      I'm just outside Edinburgh which I know limits my market on here for a non-roadworthy car but I'd rather it went to a good home and went back on the road than face the pain of trying to flog it elsewhere.
      If anyone is seriously interested in giving this poor little Bini a good home give me a shout, any offers of 'some money' will be considered to get it out of my way. Obviously I'd like to recover some of my 'investment' if possible but I also appreciate that MOT'd Binis are dirt cheap at the moment.
      Not sure if there is an appetite for Roffl-ing a non-roadworthy car but that may be an option if there is enough interest.
      Date tested14 August 2019
      View test certificate
      Mileage135,564 miles
      MOT test number5303 5053 5799
      Test location
       View test location
      Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects):
      Nearside Front Upper Macpherson strut mounting likely to fail top mount and bearing (5.3.3 (b) (ii)) -have parts Repair immediately (major defects):
      Nearside Front Headlamp aim too low (4.1.2 (a)) Offside Front Headlamp aim too high (4.1.2 (a)) Nearside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) -have parts Offside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) -have parts Nearside Front Track rod end ball joint has excessive play (2.1.3 (b) (i)) -have parts Offside Front Track rod end ball joint has excessive play (2.1.3 (b) (i)) -have parts Repair as soon as possible (minor defects):
      Front Suspension arm ball joint dust cover severely deteriorated o/s and n/s (5.3.4 (b) (i)) -have parts Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover damaged or deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt o/s and n/s (2.1.3 (g) (i)) -have parts Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):
      Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge 175-65-15 (5.2.3 (e)) Front Coil spring corroded o/s and n/s (5.3.1 (b) (i)) Rear Coil spring corroded o/s and n/s (5.3.1 (b) (i)) Nearside Rear brake sticking slightly Rear exhaust rubbers slightly deteriorated Nearside Front drive shaft seal leaking sligfhtly Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement o/s and n/s positioned at rear of front arm (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Nearside Rear number plate lamp dull - done fuel cap seal slightly deteriorated- done clutch pedal rubber missing- done Front Suspension arm corroded but not seriously weakened o/s and n/s (5.3.3 (b) (i)) Front Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened o/s and n/s (1.1.14 (a) (ii)) -have parts Rear Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened o/s and n/s (1.1.14 (a) (ii)) Front Sub-frame corroded but not seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i)) Rear Sub-frame corroded but not seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i)) signs of coolant leak around thermostat housing area -no drips on garage floor after being sat for 10mths Oil leak, but not excessive (8.4.1 (a) (i)) -no drips on garage floor after being sat for 10mths Power steering pipe/hose slightly corroded (2.1.5 (g) (i)) Power steering pipe/hose has slight seepage (2.1.5 (a)) -no drips on garage floor after being sat for 10mths  
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