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Mazda Tribute V6 4x4 3 litre 03 , no mot

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Elderly lady owner friend bought new car , so ,her  elderly Mazda 3 litre v6 Tribute is  for sale,  no mot but hasn't been presented for one  .Spears or repairs really though . Needs ends of sills welding and the arch lip when you open the back doors . Maybe more ,  I haven't wriggled under it yet  and I've only got crappy pictures at the moment . Dead cow seats, automatic , stick on the column . 78k ish.  Tires ok  , zorst  is tired . Obviously giffer scuffs on the corners ... :-D More (better) pics later .  reg is  LC03 RJZ      Tunbridge Wells  Kent .  


I think   about £ 350 ish  ?


She said get as much as you can for it , buggered if I know what its worth !











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In all honesty, for £350, I really wouldn't mind, I'm quite liking the 4x4 life. But in reality, I can't spare the cash, plus it need repairs which the BMW should be getting and the V6 fuel consumption for a 64 mile round commute per day probably wouldn't agree with my starving bank account.


Good luck with sale and all. Hope it stays here.

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Mine was a 2.0 ltr petrol Manuel. Brilliant comfy car. Had mine welded up when I got it and run it for a while. Sold it to a mate who had it two years with no problems. He part exed it for a mitsibushi something the other week. Which was then ploughed into by a post office van and wrote off.

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    • By si1881
      Going to try this on here before the fun that is eBay or similar.
      My mum has recently replaced her trusty old SportKa with a newer 500 and currently it’s just sat in the garage.
      It’s only done 38k with I think mum being the third owner plus a very large file of bills. As you can see from the MOT history ‘a lot’ of miles have been done in the last few years....! Has the leather interior, an aftermarket Bluetooth kit, Air Con that works and four good tyres plus working remote key.
      It has had some attention by a welder in the past but the filler area is solid and other than a few obvious bits on the sills and corners of the rear bumpers is in nice condition.
      If anyone is interested please let me know. I’m back there later this week so can look at the paperwork or anything else on the car in more detail.
      She’s looking for about £750-800.
      Car is currently SORN and located in deepest Lincolnshire (near Spilsby).

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      My attempt at living a shite free life has failed. Trawling e bay/ gumtree again etc but I thought I'd put out a wanted ad here. I've been browsing the for sale threads, but is there anything your thinking of moving on and would like to keep in the fold and have a hassle free sale? I'd consider anything but something fundamentally ok with a bit of MOT would be great. There is a bit of a strange condition- unusually I'm free this Wednesday and rarely at all other times- so being able to collect during the day this Wednesday would be perfect.
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      Copied over from Shite In Miniature...
      Note for future reference...  I've decided most of my Matchbox (-sized) cars can go.  It's a vast collection,   Most have been repainted at least once - by me, obviously.  My eyes and hand aren't good enough to do them again.  I've got way too many to list so ask if there's something you want and if I've got it, we can do a deal.  Most will be 50p each plus postage, so it'll make sense to build up a parcel.
      I thought it best to do this, then I'm not clogging up the main thread.  This could well go on for months.
    • By theshadow
      £350,only 36000 miles,it stops,starts goes,power 800cc so sod all,mot feb 2020,new brake pads,service,fanbelt,rustproofed with aldi finest anti-rust do dah,drivers window lowers by itself,maybe a ghost,giffered tape up,sony radio/cd,all advise done.tyres fine,wipers wipe,even the rear,location bl1 2lt.
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