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The Great Roof Race (TM)

Jim Bell

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Before anyone asks, the answer is yes.


Yes I have nothing better to do on Christmas Day.



But what could BE better?!


Everyone loves a race, so let's squint a twist on it.


It's winter. Have you got a cabriolet?


It's cold. How fast can YOU get your hinges flexing and your top off and then back on.


Well let's literally find out.


Rules are explained below by a fat lad that's gets puffed out tiptoeing round a tiny car.









Current leaderboard:


1.Scaryoldcortina* - 18 seconds.

(MGTF manual, with hoodie up)


2.Brown Nova - 30 seconds.

(MX5 manual. With hat)


3.Fordperv - 49 seconds.

(Mk5 Escort electric, with LOVELY GIFT hat.)


4. WilsonShitpeas - 1:09

(SLK Electric. With Hat.)


5. Angle - 1:18

(Condemned Saab 900 Electric. With last minute hat.)


6. Jazoli - 1:20

(Peugeot 307 electric. With hat. Walking pace.


7. GM - 2:08

(MX5 MK1 HARD TOP manually laboured on and off. With hat and soundtrack).






10. Ohdearme - 1:33.

(Manual AND Electric. No roof, no hat, windows only.)

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If ever there was an incentive for me to get the Saab back on the road, this is it.....

It doesn't even have to be on the road! That's one of the benefits and perculiarities of roof racing; you can do it in a garage.

(As long as you're nimble and can still complete a circuit of the vehicle via the bonnet).

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I’m game but I’m currently about 900 miles away from my only floppy top. You’ll have to wait a couple of days, possibly more by the time I’ve got the powered roof motor greased and stuff. (Most likely quicker unpowered.)


All-round leccy windows is borderline cheating, by the way.

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