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V**hall Carlton 2.3TD. New air freshener. (Yes I’m bored)

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Does my absolute head in that type of shenanigans. 

Happened to a bloke at work that 1000000000000% I trust as he is the most honest person ever, someone in a traffic jam reversed into him trying to turn around to get away from traffic. Went to court and its our word against his and as we was behind we obviously drove into him. he also had to have time of work with a bad back after the 2mph shunt etc ect.  Ended up being a 9k claim in total against us. 

Dash cams now fitted in all vehicles.

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Today a parcel arrived. Another clock! Nothing’s worse than not being able to tell the time while driving, the old clock FTP’d not long after I bought the car, and thanks to mr Burnside for pulling this and an interior light out of a scrapper. 


Another parcel arrived the day before yesterday too, another wing trim panel and a boot solenoid. All of the same scrap motor. Boot solenoid still not locking with the central locking though, so I might have an issue somewhere else. But a full set of trims down both sides is a bonus! 



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So I decided to have a look into why the boot solenoid doesn’t work. Stuck s multimeter in the plug and operated the drivers lock until no line had a full 12 v down it. Then traced the wiring from the solenoid into the boot, where a cracked cable cover showed up a broken wire. And boom, fixed that and it all works again. Well happy. That’s it now. Everything works on this car as it should. Only job left is to swap the drivers window with the old one so that the number plate etching matches up. Just need a few tools from work to do that. 




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So I was bored yesterday. Took the front seats and rear swab out. Then took the rear carpet out. Soaked the rear carpet in upholstery cleaner and proceeded to jet wash it. Also jet washed me snap on floor mats and replaced the manky sound proofing with new. Refitted the carpet. Cleaned the outer trims and seat base mount trims. Refitted the seats. Boom. All clean. Simply lovely. Glad it was 33degres yesterday! 



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So when I left work last night I got the drivers window down about 3 inches before hearing a crunch. Ouch. Took a bit of jiggling to get it up again.....ooooo eeeerrrrr. 


Ive been needing an excuse to refit the original drivers window from the original door due to the security* etching rego Mark.... I like things to add up. Luckily I’d got spare everything for this door. I had to strip the bear bones off it to get the window and motor out. I found the exterior door handle metal retaining pin had become dislodged (probably from when the body shop had removed and refitted it to paint) and not refitted it correctly. What a nightmare getting all that back together. Also used the seals and runners from original door as they are in better condition than the ones on this door. 






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So I must have jinxed myself today. I’ve been out again this morning to drop some items off at the florist for our wedding end of the month. When I got back in the car I noticed the drivers door trim missing, again. Same trim that got knocked off by the prick in the Audi. So I ended up re tracing my steps to find out where it’s gone, and if it’s saveable. I had a feeling where it might be, a rough section of roundabout on the A500. Sure enough, there it is sat on the road between the two lanes......battered. Crap. 

So that’s two trim panels from the same door, about 25 yards from each other on the same roundabout. Not a happy bunny! 



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So it’s been a while since I’ve heard any updates in regards to the insurance claim against the w**ker in the Audi hitting my drivers side. I emailed the insurance handler that has been dealing with it for the last 10 months and had a reply from someone different. My handler (Miss X) for identity purposes has left the company. Great. And the new handler has emailed me with this 


 “Good Morning Steven. 

Please be advised that (Miss X) is no longer with the company, therefore I will now be your file handler.


Upon review of your case I can see from the third parties engineer report and lack of the third parties vehicle registration shown on the footage, we are struggling to get an admission of liability, as they continue to deny that they were involved in a collision.


We may need to look to utilise your insurance policy to look to claim back your repair costs, but your excess of £100.00 will be applicable.


This would mean that your insurers would pay your repair costs, but you would need to pay the excess.


We could then look to see if we can recover the £100.00 from the Motor Insurance Bureau as an untraced third party vehicle.


Please advise how you would like me to proceed.


Kind Regards,”


fuming. Utterly fuming. 

So this now means that if I go and run into someone and cause damage, so long as I deny involvement and drive off from the scene I’ll get away with it. I’m awaiting a phone call from my insurance so I can bang some heads together as I’m not in a position to let that pompous Audi twat get away with it. 

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You have my sympathy; I've had a few scrapes and a couple of serious bashes over the years, none of which were my fault. Took me a while to get over one in which a 'friend' of mine near killed me. 

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The insurance trade is weird.  I once caused a crash, destroying my (almost worthless & 3rd party only) BMW and an innocent Renault 21.

No obvious immediate injuries but whiplash certainly likely.  I fill in a claim form....job done. Never heard another word.

And again, I wrecked my (comprehensive) Avantime's engine with flood water, claimed by phone, insurer "wrote it off" and I received almost what I had paid for the car within a month.


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It’s been a couple of weeks since I had a conversation with my new* insurance claim handler (previous must have abandoned ship). Last I heard they were sending over the screen shots from my phone of the pictures of both cars all taken at the same time and questioning the assessors report on the damage to his Audi. 

Yesterdays phone call went well. Their conversation with the other insurance company was more helpful this time. They know I’m right. They know he’s wrong, and they’ve also told my nice insurance lady that he admitted following me to Asda car park that morning. Boom. Look forward to this ending soon. 

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    • By SiC
      Decided now is definitely the time I need to scratch this itch. I don't suppose anyone has one going or thinking of going at the moment?
      Really need to sell the Laguna before I pull the trigger but if someone is getting rid for a decent price...
    • By davidfowler2000
      Edit: This is longer than initially anticipated.
      As some will have noticed, Mr cms206 of this parish reckons the death knell for the SVM is close with his recent purchase of a Saab. Going with the fact I still have a 100% Volvo fleet, as does Mr rml2345 of this parish I would personally say it's just diversification. Especially considering the amount of non Volvos cms206 has had these days.
      This aforementioned diversification continues a pace. Although the paperwork still needs to be done, I have some non Volvo incoming.

      My aunt got the above pictured 205 back in about 2002 and ran it for about 3 years. By her accounts she put it in the lockup, got a Nissan Almera for whatever reason and basically put the 205 in to the long term deal with pile. It was initially SORN on the blue log book. Back when there was a theft of blue V5s at Swansea and everyone in the country got sent one of the new red ones, one never arrived for the 205 and after that it was properly forgetten about. Well she did. I've been keeping it in my mind every day since then. During a discussion over my birthday dinner a few weeks ago, she mentioned that she was going to pay the gardener she gets in to trim the trees to break in to the lockup because the padlock had rusted solid and she was desperate to use the space in the lockup. I said I'd do it free if I could assess the car. If it was completely fucked, it would have to get dragged out and put on a truck to go to the scrap heap. If I could get it moving, I would make it a project.
      Next day - 18th January:

      Time to break open the padlock then. Big screwdriver through the hasp and burst it within 3 seconds. Now to have a look at the car. It's dirty, 3 tyres are flat, one of them creased and the 4th is still at about 10psi. After FIFTEEN YEARS! A gentle rock confirms suspicions that all the wheels are locked so time to get all the wheels off and set about the brakes with a big swing press.
      The back wheels moved eventually. Judicious use the big hammer, two wheel bolts reinserted and a breaker bar as a lever got the back wheels turning. While the wheels were off I thought I'd see if they held air.
      All 4 tyres held 35psi. None of them appear to be cracked and the rubber is still "soft" to the scrape of a finger nail. Lack of sunlight attacking them I suppose but it'll get 4 new ones if it becomes roadworthy.
      After doing the back wheels, the front wheels quickly proved they could be a major problem. I took the calipers, pads and discs completely off the car and even with 2 wheel studs inserted and using the 3/4 drive breaker bar with an extra foot of length over the 1/2 bar, neither wheel / shaft would turn. So either the bearings had seized, the CV joints in the driveshafts had seized or something very sinister was happening inside the gearbox. By this time it was getting dark and cold so time to put it all away for another day.
      Another day - 24th January:
      Various discussions were had on the Scotoshite WhatsApp chat and the end result being Mr 320Touring of this parish agreed to come round for a shufty. He was wanting to check up on another car in a lockup only a mile or so away so it was a no brainer.
      As before, front wheels off, bar on the wheel bolts... nothing. What to do next? We need to use the car's own power to try to free off whatever is seized on the front wheels but the car is nose in to the lockup so we can't get jump leads to it. We need to drag it out but we don't have a tow rope however we manage to find what appears to be a self tightening dog collar / leash in the car and decide to cue MAXIMUM SKETCHINESS!!!

      A gentle tug from the ML of doom proved the NSF wheel is tight but not seized however the OSF is not moving. Fuck it... drag it while pushing from the front. If we need to shove it back in there's an old tyre in a pile of rubbish waiting to get uplifted by the council that can act as a cushion and the ML will do the job no bother. We also took the front brake discs off to minimise any drag from those.

      We decided to drag it out just enough to get my jump leads on to the battery. We had already taken the battery out to try it on the leads outside the car. Surprise surprise* it was so dead it had gone open circuit so there was absolutely no magic pixies flowing in to it. Luckily I had an old battery from the 740 that was the same size so that was obtained, inserted and then put to work. Time to leave it to charge for a wee bit.

      Now that we've got some electricity going from the ML in to the 205 it's time to see what will happen. Thanks to Mr Touring for providing the videos...
      At one point we were vexed by the daft French screw on battery terminals
      We were getting a bit desperate by this point. We used quite a lot of "easy start" and the amount of electricity was causing problems.
      We took a break at this point for 10 mins or so. Mainly to make sure we didn't get too frustrated but also to make sure the maximum possible amount of electricity was in the actual battery so that the leads were just there as a boost. This was clearly a good idea...
      Learning from all the antics of the last 15 mins or so we left it for another 5 mins. Using a clamp meter we let it get to the point that almost no electricity was flowing in the leads and therefore an almost complete charge and spraying the "easy start" ahead of time, results were finally had...
      YAY! MUCH ELATION! Oh and that old diesel stinks. Time to get the leads off, move the ML and let the 205 tick over for a few minutes to let the engine settle. Next we found out why the front wheels were not for turning...
      So yeah. All the CV Joints were completely solid. But anyways it was mission accomplished for the day. We got it moving and a general once over suggests that it should be easily salvageable therefore if auntie wants the space in the lockup, it's going to have to go somewhere. Time to put it back in and wrap up for the day.

      Thanks to 320 Touring in assistance. The list of work is substantial but not insurmountable. It needs - a battery, front discs, front pads, front calipers, front lower arms, front driveshafts, possibly bearings, rear drums, rear shoes, rear fitting kit, probably handbrake cables, flexi hoses all round, 4 new tyres, 3 of the 4 doors don't work properly, a water leak at the water pump but that can get done with a new cam belt, probably a thermostat, engine oil, filters all round, fresh fuel, a good clean, handbrake light, oil pressure light and a rear screenwash leak inside the tailgate.
      Oh and a sidelight bulb...

      Interim time:
      Lockup secured in Cumbernauld.
      Car transporter trailer booked for Wed 12th Feb to move it. The V70 will do the honours.
      Another bit of tinkering - 4th February
      So it has been agreed the V5 will be transferred in to my name. With an impending trailer move, I thought I'd go back and have another look at things and reassemble the front brakes. I've already installed a new battery so it can be started without the need for leads and it does so quite happily even though the fuel coming from the tank smells like paint. I drove it about in circles for 5 - 10 mins to free up the CV joints and scrape the rust off the brake discs. I also did some straight line tests pulling away in 2nd which seemed to free up the turbo actuator.
      I also found the radio code so I got that working but you'll have to take my word on it 'cos YouTube will just give me a copyright flag.
      I shall leave this one here just now. Not much will happen for a while. There will of course be the drama of the trailer move but once it's in the lockup a plan of action will need to be drawn up. A sensible first course will be, I think, to find someone who will give it a once over for MoT viability before any new parts are obtained. All the obvious stuff should be easily DIYable but I don't know what lurks underneath. Some things like the timing belt and water pump will be paid for but the rest will just get picked away at in due course.
      I also found some period souvenir parking tickets...


    • By dome
      This evening I venture forth into hitherto unknown lands (Kirkintilloch) to collect my latest acquisition.

      Which, naturally, has issues.

      I have purchased my first line of defence.

      Which appears to have antigravity properties

      More will follow this evening...
    • By 95 quid Peugeot
      Right we're away, up on lift,
      Discounting painting the floor and bunging some new lights in
      1 hr in  
      Bottle of wine for closest date, of first road blast.
      Deffo a DNP

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