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Oli’s cars Reliant Jubilee Robin, Rover Metro Rio, Rover 211i, Rover City Rover Sprite

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Your Jubilee Robin brings back a memory of my dad wanting to trade his 21E Regal VKP881J for a Jubilee saloon at Friday's garage in Gravesend circa 1981.


Much to my upset the sale never happened as they wouldn't give him enough for the 21E and instead he bought JKN306N a caramel 750 Robin from A.A Hitch and son in Maidstone.


These early Robins deserve to be cherished as they are a bit special in my book.

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Cool to see your starting work on her right away, even if its just a scrub down, its amazing how well invacars seem to clean up despite most looking like they where dragged out of a coal mine :)


while Sleuthing through the RUMCars forum for all things Model 70, I came across this picture, while the invacar in the picture clearly aint KPL by the fact it has wheel arches and a steering wheel, I do wonder going by the caravan in shot and the fact KPL spent her "last days" as a caravan shunter, if the model 70 front end in the picture was KPLs originally? (sadly the post the picture comes from does not provide any useful info)



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