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Floatylights Fleet - C3 water leaks..

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3 hours ago, Floatylight said:

The story of the 306...

Some time ago I was talking to SmollestFL about his ideal first car, after consideration of some frankly ridiculous ideas he said a Pug 306 would be great and he had great memories of ours when he was growing up, I started looking round but never sorted anything as I needed as insurance slot and some drive space.

Some time later@chaseracer posted on fb about updates on his 2cv racer project and one his non car friends made a comment about of they needed any parts he had a 306 languishing on the driveway that he could have..

I contacted Dave who introduced me to Oli who had the 306 and discussions took place, pictures were sent and a plan started to come together.

Oli's Dad bought this 306 1.9L D new in 1995 and it became Oli's in 2005 and he used it as his daily until 2017 when a Golf took over.

Ot was clear that the 306 needed some work, mainly some welding around the near side c pillar and inner wheel arch.

We agreed to take the car on when things allowed some months ago and put it on the back burner.

SmollestFL was 17 this week and his Birthday was a bit flat due to lockdown so I suggested we go and have a look today, armed with some basic tools a battery and a tyre inflator we set off the 60 miles to where it is.

Within 30 minutes we had got the charged battery in, tyres were inflated and fluid levels checked.

Following a short amount of mucking about with an alarm/immobiliser the correct dash lights lit up, the glow plug light went out and with a turn of the key it turned over and fired then died, a quick squeeze of the primer bulb, span it over again and it fired and ran quite happily, once warmed up I shunted it back and forth and freed the brakes off and SmollestFL drove it up and down the lane, it continued to run up to proper operating temperature while we drank tea and had a lovely chat, we left the car which will be collected shortly and delivered to us and we can start work on prepping for an MOT.

So far plan is:-
Welding & Bodywork
New tyres / maybe alloys & tyres
Oil & Filters
Check over brakes
Power buff and polish

Nice to do's:-
New steering wheel
Replacement stereo
Try and pull out a few dents

SmollestFL is over the moon as is Oli and Mrs Oli who were really happy that it will live again, they really couldn't face ringing the scrap man..

Further note:-
Whilst Oli is not a member he was aware of AS and used to have a Peugeot 104 which @nigel bickle took on.

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Good lad and great save. I loved my ph1 diablo red 306 D Turbo which I owned a few years back. Really well put together cars, solid mechanicals and they've aged pretty well. Is he going to help with the work?

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14 hours ago, brownnova said:

That’s at least 2 Shiter deliveries he’s doing next week!

The 306 I had still stands as the least favourite car I’ve ever owned... other people love their 306s so ill say it was down to the one I had. That said they are good looking things, and I’d probably have another ??

There's an MOT'd XSi on Car and Classic right now for £750...

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Thanks to@worldofceri for dropping this off the other day and for his patience while we worked out the alarm /immobiliser!

It's been sat since 2017 with a flat battery, first instinct was to get an replacement ordered but I popped it on charge to see what would happen, it only took a charge and last night connected it back up and it sprung into life with a flick of the key.

SmollestFL has given it a wash and I set about de greening the rubber seals when i found out that various bits of the trim mounting and roof seams are rotten..


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Which immobiliser does it have? IIRC once you get it to start, if it's the keypad type disconnect it while it's running and it'll circumvent it in future? Either that or get a grinder and cut the steel protection around the solenoid and replace it with a standard one.

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37 minutes ago, loserone said:



That's worse than @D Spares & Tyres's one I reckon.  Good luck, we're all counting on you

It's definitely worse than that one. He's bought another since then with similar bubbling on the outside so I knew this one'd be very crispy once you started getting into it. Maybe best to get on the 306 Facebook groups and find a donor to cut bits out of? The forum's dead on its arse so only really good for info now.

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8 minutes ago, loserone said:

Does it need to be a phase one for bits?

I'd be assuming the body panel on the rear quarter is the same throughout. That's a very large, expensive stamp to produce for minor changes. Just needs to be a 5 door. IIRC you can swap the lights between Phase 1,2 and 3 so should be the same?

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After a number of discoveries on the 306 today I'm having a sleep on it to consider the way forward, sadly I think it may be beyond mine & BIL's capabilities and by the time I've invested in all it needs we could probably have bought something that's useable off here..

If anyone has a burning desire to take this on let me know..

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18 minutes ago, Floatylight said:

Still struggling to call it on the 306, part of me wants to battle on..

Is it worth starting on it, you can always run away if it is even worse.

Doesn't have to look pretty, just functional.

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