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Autoshite's official for sale/wanted thread


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Im currently looking for a set of Styling 5 wheels for the 7-Series, does anyone happen to know of a set for sale?

Also a little bit out there but Im trying to find an interesting set of Japanese retro (or retro style) wheels for the Corona. 5-Stud, probably around 15 inch, two-piece. Something along the lines of Enkei 6666 mesh wheels, or Advan Onis 3-spokes.




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For Sale  job lot shite  mobiles various. All dusty cos I'm a lazy bastard. 

The American customs, the Capri and Skoda were £150.

Make me an offer on the lot. 

I'm near Maidstone, Kent. Could possibly post if siutably swayed by pounds Sterling. 

PS for those hard of thinking - 'job lot' means I won't sell the A Team van for 50p including P&P






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B6 shape Audi A4 tailgate wanted, ideally in dolphin grey - like this picture


Also still trying to sell a set of BMW E34 BBS alloys, 5 stud, from late 80s/early 90s 5 series, open to an offer by PM as thinking about weighing them in which is a shame - thanks 


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35 minutes ago, castros_bro said:

Arganil. Near where I lived in Coja.

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