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Autoshite's official for sale/wanted thread


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Here's some bits of Daf 44 engine. There's a pair of barrels, 2 pistons, (one slightly marked) huge carb, distributor, 6v dynamo hum, fuel pump, pushrods and other top end bits and bobs. It's all really free as long as you collect it (dynamos alone fetch £30). I could package it up but you will need to finance my inebriation before I could carry out such a task.



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Looking for a working 1990’s CD player or a cassette player, if nothing suitable cd wise. My one is eating self from the inside out, and moder ones look shite in the bx, and have stupid small buttons that are just to small.



I have a selection of reet shite. Tenner each. Pics incoming. 

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Clarke Little Devil propane jet heater thing


The regulator seems to be a bit funky on it so i just adjust the screw on the propane bottle for up/down


£25 - i can give you a fecking great big bottle of propane if you pick it up G84 helensburgh


Postage otherwise £4.60




I'll take that dude - and the bottle - chuck it in the Golf when I get over - that OK?

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Stuff from the shed




New pioneer speakers £10 posted




4wd wheel cover, free cover postage, new





Fecking thick wire, think it’s 0awg, half inch socket for comparison £10 posted good for battery wiring but not very flexible





Mig wire 15kg new 0.8mm £30 posted



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Big bundle of random tools, having a clear out


Mostly old brands of sockets and spanners

Some metric most imperial.

Air ratchet

Volt meter


Cut off tool

Bacho Adjustables

Mini paint gun

Etc etc


All good stuff just not used, lacking space in toolbox.


Free to collector before the scrap bin gets it, located in dunstable






That lot looks to good to pass by, please may I take them.

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Price includes Hermes driver lobbing it into your garden.

The barrow is full again. We have some Triumph Bonneville bits, 3 indicators, pair of non standard levers, pair of fins to that go round the exhaust pipe and add 20mph to the top speed, alternator, 2 new valves and springs, fuel tap, now gone.

Philops radio, £4.

Minor lights, now gone.

10' 6" of huge thick copper welder cable, £5,

3 new Bosch oil filters for Corsa 1.0 and maybe others too. £4

Horn push with indicator and overdrive switch for Sunbeam 90. Nice badge.£10

Wood brace, £4.

New hefty plug and socket, suit welder. £4

Anything else except big shackle £4


How much for the shackles and the 8 ball spinner please?

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