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SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted


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Funnily enough it looks like I'm getting roped in to putting a pair of sills on the Visa belonging to my parents next door neighbours soon. It's a blue Y reg hatch.  Haven't looked at it closely yet but I'm told the rust is localised to the sills. 

Would be interested in any leads for new sill panels, preferably ones that are a decent fit.

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7 minutes ago, egg said:

@Six-cylinder was this latest one known to you or the Visa community?

There are 14 known to the club and this is an extra one. I have an inkling of where it has come from, but never had a photo I am hoping our Visa headmaster will enlighten me in due coarse as he has much more info than me.

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2 hours ago, Six-cylinder said:

It is still parked in the street in Edinburgh, so the first move would be to collect it and park it safely off road somewhere, while we sort out the plan for folk who want to do so, to make use of it and help bring it south in due course.

if train tickets down there where not like £100 id love to go up there and bring it down just for the experience of it all :) 

(that and I dont have a full licence yet, so I would have to drive it back with some other poor sod in the car with me, all while avoiding motorways!)

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