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Turbo Kettle - Now for sale £500

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Peterborough run completed today and am happy to report no kettling took place!


It was a bit of a baptism of fire driving this today as the only miles I've put on it since buying it are around town. It's really grown on me though


With no on-board fuel computer, manual calculations had to be done and over the 310 miles it's averaged 34mpg which was a mixture of motorway, dual carriageway and fast road driving. Thought this sounded pretty crap but apparently this is about right.


Quite happily pulls along but I forgot how high revving the k series engines are in 5th - 80ish was around 3200rpm and it definitely felt like it could do with a 6th gear.


Brakes have started squealing as well on the way home, so what's the bets a disc is scored!


Overall it's proved to be a really nice comfortable steer and that dash at night is very soothing. Always reminds me of a 1930's wireless


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Have you wellied it yet - any K-series owner will know the real fun starts at 4000 revs - the willing little engine positively loves it ;)

Gave it a bit (a lot) of loud pedal action on the way up to Peterborough this morning


Seem to pull quite strongly, but when changing gear beyond 4000rpm it seem to momentarily back off like the brakes are being applied. No faults shown on Delphi.

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A piece of advice - No matter however well maintained a car you buy appears, don't forget to check over the small stuff asap.


The grip from the front tyres in this wet weather we've been having daan sowf has been nothing short of lethal. Haven't checked the tyre pressures since I've had it and yesterday it was oversteering on almost every bend. Checked the pressures today and both fronts were 41psi! My own fault for not checking.


75 owners Forum members reckon 34psi on the fronts and 30psi on the rears are the sweet spot so that was duely done.


Car currently has michelin primacy hp's on the rear and death rings on the front going under the brand Profil Prosport. Tinterweb research shows these to be summer tyres and remoulds at that, FFS!


I WILL be getting these changed as a matter of urgency. Anyone got any suggestions for decent all weather tyres around the £70 mark?

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Apart from fuel economy and a small bit of detriment to the handling I dont think tyre pressure at 41psi will be that big a deal. I think you have answered your own question about the ditchfinders on the front.


A decent set of Khumos or something should be easy to find quite cheap at 195/65/15.


The 75 forum is very useful but there are an awful lot of members who try and make their old barges go and feel like a brand new car.

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Curtosey of Brodders, two rather substantial packages arrived today for the 75.


All wood trim, headlights, rear lamp clusters to replace the cracked ones currently fitted to the car, boot seal (very much needed) and other bits and bobs.


It's also currently having new discs and pads fitted as they are all scored to feck and both front anti roll bar links as these are almost totally devoid of any rubber bushing left which makes straight line progress over bumps interesting!


Will also be getting new front tyres next week.



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This is a nice car. I liked the 75 my brother had - 2 litre connoisseur with a slushbox in a metallic navy colour (not sure what exact colour). Real comfortable for a long drive and effortless on the road to waft in.


My aunt & uncle bought a 75 estate 1.8T off a neighbour and it constantly had problems with the starter motor wiring. Still a nice car to drive despite the recurring starter problem.


And a goodly selection of bits as well. Much like

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Smolish update.


Finally started a new job at the start of the month and was asked if I minded using my own car for a month until the company car arrives. At 45ppm I said yep no problem.


Put about 1000 miles on it in a week and all was well until last Tuesday. I was quite happily driving along and all of a sudden the rev counter drops to zero and the engine cuts out then immediately restarts without any input from me!


Battery terminals were loose so tightened them up and carried on my way. Two days later it does the same again but refuses to restart, which would have been fine if I hadn't been doing 70mph on the dual carriageway just before a roundabout! Managed to coast it through the lights and onto a side road.


Car is just churning over on the key and not firing. Stick my head under the bonnet to check battery terminals and they're fine wiggle a few connectors and nothings loose, so try the key again and it starts. Swiftly drive home and parked up.


Tried starting it again later and just churns on the key again. Try again a bit later and it starts first time. Plugged Delphi in and p0340 and p0350 (camshaft and crank sensor) pop up saying historical test not complete.


Cleared codes and descended but nothing else popped up. Drove it the next day covering 130 miles with no issues at all, with regular stops at clients, but the following morning it just clunked when turning the key. Thinking starter was struck I left it in gear and rolled it forward on the key.


Finally started but idled strangely for about 20 secs with needle bouncing up and down then cut out and wouldn't restart. Delphi again confirmed both p0340 and p0350. Also noticed that it had used all of its coolant from the header tank in the space of a day (topped up the night before). Car 100% didn't overheat at any point (regularly checked gauge( and heater blew hot all day


I'm thinking that:


A: inlet manifold gasket is shot (no scum in tank or oil and cap)


B: camshaft sensor and/or crank sensor is fooked.


C: pump filter has unscrewed itself (not checked to see if orange clip has been fitted yet.


Think the non start clunk on key may have been hydrolocking?


Any advice would be appreciated.


In the meantime, the 45td which is sounding more and more like a tractor everyday due to its failed pump advance solenoid being duff has been pressed back into service.


I know I shouldn't drive it like this but needs must. I will endeavour to sort the solenoid out asap.


Below are the screencaps from Delphi listing the faults



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In a move that's probably extremely rash, i've decided to place the XJ8 and turbo kettle Rover 75 1.8t up for sale.


I've committed to buy another car and the only way her indoors will permit such folly is to cull the fleet.


There's no new photo's of the Rover as it looks the same. Its MOT'd till October and has been reliable (since the cam sensor connections were cleaned up).


Its got about 46k on the clock now.


I'm looking for around £600 for it.

I need to get this moved on as we've just had our mortgage offer come through on our 1st house and there is no space to park this at our new place.

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With the house move fast approaching i would like to try and get the Rover moved along. I've dropped it down now to £500 and would entertain a roffle at £8.00 a ticket if that helps.

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    • By chancer
      Moving this over here in case anyone has missed it. Needing this gone within next 2 weeks due to losing parking space. Couple of faults but nothing major. Its mot'd til jan and in good running order. Price drop to £300 as is for quick sale, otherwise i fix the faults and stick it on bumtree for twice that amount! Would make a good winter beater for someone
    • By si1881
      Going to try this on here before the fun that is eBay or similar.
      My mum has recently replaced her trusty old SportKa with a newer 500 and currently it’s just sat in the garage.
      It’s only done 38k with I think mum being the third owner plus a very large file of bills. As you can see from the MOT history ‘a lot’ of miles have been done in the last few years....! Has the leather interior, an aftermarket Bluetooth kit, Air Con that works and four good tyres plus working remote key.
      It has had some attention by a welder in the past but the filler area is solid and other than a few obvious bits on the sills and corners of the rear bumpers is in nice condition.
      If anyone is interested please let me know. I’m back there later this week so can look at the paperwork or anything else on the car in more detail.
      She’s looking for about £750-800.
      Car is currently SORN and located in deepest Lincolnshire (near Spilsby).

    • By Broadsword
      Hot on the heels of last week’s collectioneering of a Xantia, another collection starts here and now. Well it is probably a collection as long as the car is as described, but I am optimistic.

      Clues. It’s enormous yet quite cramped. Never had one before and it could be considered blessed, saintly even!
    • By KruJoe
      It's the green one.
      If you're proper horny for it then PM me, but anyone with cash can buy a car any time. Meh.
      Would roffle, but CBA with the admin.
      Therefore, funtime!
      Another KruJoe-spec 99p start AUCTION...
      (GBP (Pounds Sterling) bids only, no licked Twixes (John_F, I'm talking to you), bid increments 50 pence or more, that's up to you. Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid. Other T&C's may apply if I haven't thought of them yet.)
      It's a risk, but I'll take it.
      I've thought of a number as a reserve, roughly bridge price plus today's £50 MOT fee, so above that, I'm happy. If it doesn't work, we'll re-think, but his is will be a cheap car for one of you lot.
      Central, so close to everyone on mainland UK.
      Collection: most days/times are possible, evenings are good. Relaxed timescale, storage is not a problem here. I can bring you to it from Skipton bus or rail station.
      The Car.
      My dependable daily for two FTP-free years. Ex-JohnK and Bramz. 
      1.4 Rti run-out model, lots of toys. 
      Cheap tax and cla$$ic policy friendly (£140pa, Carole Nash. A.Flux quoted similar).
      Tested until 31 May 2020, advised on two back tyres.
      Not yet 62,000 on the dial. Likely to be SORN'd before June. V5 here, with loads of history.
      New oil and filter last week.
      Good batt, exhaust, brakes etc. There are a few minor niggles, I've just lived with it. Character, innit.
      Squishy-comfort velour in fine fettle. (Almost) everything works.
      The bodywork scrubs up well but there's some bits of rust if you really go looking. It doesn't stop it being a respectable motor… until… last week one of my favourite brothers rubbed a tractor down the side, damaging two doors and the mirror.

      All still work fine, and I still have the (undamaged) plastic strip from the door. I don't have the arsedness to try improving it cosmetically and I'm ready for a change of daily anyway. The worst would likely push out from inside. As would the small bit on the arch – it's single skinned there. Until that happened, nobody has ever turned their nose up at it, and it has attracted a lot of positive conversation. 

      99p anyone?
    • By dollywobbler
      I have acquired a vehicle. This is when I was trying to fix it so I could drive home.

      The car was offered FOC to the Rover 800 Owners' Club. They weren't really in a position to take it on directly, so it ended up being pointed my way. It's an 820 base model - SU carburettor-fed 2-litre O-Series! BAe was the first owner, for eight weeks, then it was sold to the father of the chap I bought it off, who sadly passed away last year.
      It has covered 105k, has a fair bit of rust in a few places, but is pretty tidy and looks bloody fantastic. It has a few weeks of MOT, delicious dealer plates, unexpected lumbar adjustment and electric front windows. One piece of wood on the dash, none on the doors, manual tilt/slide sunroof, spoiler!
      It had barely moved since July last year, but sadly, I got a whiff of hot brakes on the M55. I pulled onto the hard shoulder and the nearside rear wheel was smoking. I limped at 30mph down the hard shoulder to the next junction, which was not fun. I then limped gently back to the vendor, where I stripped the brake, used entirely the wrong grease (as it was all he had) to try and improve things, considered this a success and drove 180 miles home.
      I seem to have mostly taken photos of the rear.

      There is a petrol station shot, but you'll have to wait. I developed a horrible migraine on the way back and had to stop for a while. Most unlike me. 
      Eventually made it back.

      It's all a bit complicated, but the idea is I have it for a bit and at some point, it'll end up back with the club. I think the plan is to sell it to raise some funds for charity longer term, but sadly, it could also do with a set of calipers and tyres, so finances need to be reconsidered I think. The brakes are SHITE. It could be air from boiling brake fluid, so I'll see if a bleed helps, but I reckon all the calipers are buggered.
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