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1989 Volkswagen Polo CL Long mot

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1989 VW Polo CL Saloon

1.3L engine

5 speed manual gearbox

125k miles

Mot Nov 2019



45188643264_c43c2c8049_c.jpgRJC_5514 by srblythe, on Flickr


45000233635_7054224ac5_c.jpgRJC_5516 by srblythe, on Flickr


45000239465_72fc1bd2cf_c.jpgRJC_5499 by srblythe, on Flickr





The car is in relatively good condition with minimal rust and solid underneath.

It's recently had a replacement fuel tank and has been fully under-sealed.

The shocks, springs, track control arms and steering components are new, it has been lowered approx 40mm but needs the tracking done.

The exhaust system from down pipe to rear silencer is new.

The mechanical fuel pump has been removed and an electric pump fitted in it's place.

The car starts, stops and drives fine.



45000241065_2cd7a113cd_c.jpgRJC_5498 by srblythe, on Flickr


45188647394_b7cac67e07_c.jpgRJC_5494 by srblythe, on Flickr


45000244425_e23edf6d3f_c.jpgRJC_5489 by srblythe, on Flickr


45000245205_7956baa4fe_c.jpgRJC_5481 by srblythe, on Flickr


45863272242_8a404aa3be_c.jpgRJC_5474 by srblythe, on Flickr


45863273582_f96fabc96e_c.jpgRJC_5472 by srblythe, on Flickr


45863275682_df920e6554_c.jpgRJC_5468 by srblythe, on Flickr





I have a selection of spares to go with the car including an engine with ancillaries and a couple of carbs.

Sad to see it go but I'm done with Polo's and have another couple of projects to be getting on with.

With a little TLC it could be an excellent starter classic/daily driver for a younger driver.



Couple of bits of rust including each corner at the bottom of the rear screen and one corner of the windscreen.


45863269762_834e453016_c.jpgRJC_5479 by srblythe, on Flickr


30973980287_1e47fa204f_c.jpgRJC_5478 by srblythe, on Flickr


45000241905_e65337d908_c.jpgRJC_5495 by srblythe, on Flickr


Fuel filler area is good


45863268612_f49087f2c9_c.jpgRJC_5480 by srblythe, on Flickr



Solid underneath


45188640724_08e837c6d5_c.jpgRJC_5520 by srblythe, on Flickr


45000232555_479721dc27_c.jpgRJC_5518 by srblythe, on Flickr



Looking for £1200 but no sensible offer refused.

The car is located in Fife, Scotland.

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my first "proper" car that i could use on the road was an f-reg poohole breadvan, in 1043cc flavour.


it was an ace little thing, when vw were at their peak for good solid cars.


my first car was a skoda estelle, which i didnt/couldn't/wouldn't trust to drive it far on the road. hence the polo been the first car i could use on the road.


i always liked the look of the saloon ones though. and this looks a nice one.


its not for me now, no time, money or place to keep it, but even so, its a bonny little car. GLWS!

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      Will have a new battery tomorrow - I can't stand that again - and it will be MOT'd either this week or next whenever my man with the big spanner can fit me in.
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      The Car.
      My dependable daily for two FTP-free years. Ex-JohnK and Bramz. 
      1.4 Rti run-out model, lots of toys. 
      Cheap tax and cla$$ic policy friendly (£140pa, Carole Nash. A.Flux quoted similar).
      Tested until 31 May 2020, advised on two back tyres.
      Not yet 62,000 on the dial. Likely to be SORN'd before June. V5 here, with loads of history.
      New oil and filter last week.
      Good batt, exhaust, brakes etc. There are a few minor niggles, I've just lived with it. Character, innit.
      Squishy-comfort velour in fine fettle. (Almost) everything works.
      The bodywork scrubs up well but there's some bits of rust if you really go looking. It doesn't stop it being a respectable motor… until… last week one of my favourite brothers rubbed a tractor down the side, damaging two doors and the mirror.

      All still work fine, and I still have the (undamaged) plastic strip from the door. I don't have the arsedness to try improving it cosmetically and I'm ready for a change of daily anyway. The worst would likely push out from inside. As would the small bit on the arch – it's single skinned there. Until that happened, nobody has ever turned their nose up at it, and it has attracted a lot of positive conversation. 

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      I have acquired a vehicle. This is when I was trying to fix it so I could drive home.

      The car was offered FOC to the Rover 800 Owners' Club. They weren't really in a position to take it on directly, so it ended up being pointed my way. It's an 820 base model - SU carburettor-fed 2-litre O-Series! BAe was the first owner, for eight weeks, then it was sold to the father of the chap I bought it off, who sadly passed away last year.
      It has covered 105k, has a fair bit of rust in a few places, but is pretty tidy and looks bloody fantastic. It has a few weeks of MOT, delicious dealer plates, unexpected lumbar adjustment and electric front windows. One piece of wood on the dash, none on the doors, manual tilt/slide sunroof, spoiler!
      It had barely moved since July last year, but sadly, I got a whiff of hot brakes on the M55. I pulled onto the hard shoulder and the nearside rear wheel was smoking. I limped at 30mph down the hard shoulder to the next junction, which was not fun. I then limped gently back to the vendor, where I stripped the brake, used entirely the wrong grease (as it was all he had) to try and improve things, considered this a success and drove 180 miles home.
      I seem to have mostly taken photos of the rear.

      There is a petrol station shot, but you'll have to wait. I developed a horrible migraine on the way back and had to stop for a while. Most unlike me. 
      Eventually made it back.

      It's all a bit complicated, but the idea is I have it for a bit and at some point, it'll end up back with the club. I think the plan is to sell it to raise some funds for charity longer term, but sadly, it could also do with a set of calipers and tyres, so finances need to be reconsidered I think. The brakes are SHITE. It could be air from boiling brake fluid, so I'll see if a bleed helps, but I reckon all the calipers are buggered.
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      Late-1995 'Inca' 3-door
      1.8 n/a
      90000 miles
      MOT 19.6.2019, but will have new ticket before moving on
      'Patinated' yet very solid; character dent in front wing; never welded, boot floor perfect
      Sunroof sealed, replacement provided
      Great fun on the twisties but good on big roads too; would drive this anywhere
      Tarty but comfy pleather CTi front seats (originals here too)
      Grips well in mud with a large SCTSH on the bonnet (SF16!)
      Previously polished by Outlaw Bob
      Colour-coded HubNut sticker for ultimate shite cred
      Car in WS12; taxed to get you home
      Shiters' price: £590
      Roffle at £10 a go.

    • By Wack
      Short version of a long thread
      Bought Nov 17 with a blown engine
      Put new engine in that was worse than the old one
      Put another 70,000 mile engine in out of a 330D that I saw running this time
      It's got loads of history inc recon gearbox and suspension done
      Drives ok , no warning lights on , 2 keys, one needs a battery , 12 months mot, everything works inc AC
      Needs the blower direction box sorting , it's on your feet, could be 5 minutes , could be 30 mi utes then theres a whoosh as something frees off and it's all working normally
      I had a Google and it's something to do with vents, the box goes misshapen, I read a screw in the right place pulls it back into shape
      Inner rear arches behind the back doors need welding , heated screen only demists the passenger side
      It'll come with the original 18" wheels and wheel nuts as well as the 19" that are on it, but the 18" tyres are close to the limit
      Qualifies for modern classic insurance , adrian flux quoted me under £200 TPFT , I went with A plan at £300 fully comp
      I haven't advertised it anywhere else yet
      Original post below
      I've been looking at Range Rovers for a
      few weeks , in the past as I have a very competent/cheap mechanic I've bought a few projects that have worked out Ok but not a RR
      I've found one with an engine problem, not too far away guy wants shot of it so he'll take £1000 for it , it's a 2003 HSE with 150k on the clock, MOT history looks very good, it's tested until next april and he said it's had gearbox work in the last 6 months
      It's a really bad idea isn't it ,put me off with tales of woe, I'm really tempted to go and see it and risk divorce
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