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1991 Toyota Corolla 1.6GL Executive


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Been fixing stuff. Bumper had been pushed in on one side, and was really annoying me.


I'll let the pictures do the talking...




Bumper off


Note warped bumper


Heat gun helped that.


Used a jack to lever the bumper bracket out.


Reassembled. Looks better, I think.


While I was on, noticed rear bumper alignment issue.


And fixed.




Do I still want to sell it? I guess, but really it is the perfect car except that I don't like the fact it is an automatic.

My C4 would drive you crazy. Not a straight panel edge or secure bit of trim in it.

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It's mad, if this was a Xantia or something with loads of faults, the AS community would be falling over each other, but as it's a super reliable Japanese car with hardly any issues, it gets ignored. :D

Mind you, that's why I bought it in the first place.


Have now passed the 2,000 mile mark since I bought it, and the only gripe is the squealing aux belt(s) which is only when cold. Both on order from local motor factors and will be replaced next week.


I'm even starting to get used to the auto box, albeit grudgingly.

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Whereabouts is this, out of interest...?


Having a catch-up earlier with a friend in the wider Bristol area, who's just had a total loss on their MX5 and is desperate for something moderately cheap and generally reliable.


AutoTrader/Gumtree are problematic as apparently anything worthwhile gets hoovered up before they can arrange a lift over to view it, leaving only the usual dross.


My advice was - get a 90s Toyota.


Happy to pass over details if this one is still for sale!

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No pictures today, but I've now changed both of the auxiliary belts, which was a bitch of a job, getting to the lower bolt on the power steering pump was the worst bit. Then I snapped the top alternator bolt as I over-tightened it. Luckily I keep loads of spare bolts and found a spare.


Obviously it never rains, it pours and I noticed a tail light out. Easily sorted.


Then driving along after these jobs, I discovered that the screen washers aren't working. Hoping it's just out of fluid and not another thing to fix...

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Does anyone know how to find the fuse for the windscreen washers? It's not in the usual places (I've found 3 fuse boxes!)


ToyotaNation .. ??



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These are a great old thing. My mate John rolled his dads while exceeding his talent level (not difficult as he was only about 18 at the time) and almost drowned in a sea of cassettes from the multitude of carry cases he took everywhere.

My cassette player doesn't work :(

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The windscreen washer has only gone and fixed itself...


Got in today and it's as if nothing had happened. Perhaps the wire and plug wiggling I did yesterday helped.


In other news I fitted new wipers, which was less straightforward than some cars as the plastic clip is screwed onto the arm, so I just popped the clip off the new wipers and fitted straight on using the spindle. Go me! #projectcar #fullresto #builtnotbought :D

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Oh, and replacing the fuel filter has helped rid it of the stumble it had, the old one was erm.. old.


Next jobs? Brake pads possibly as there's a slight squeak occasionally, although probably nothing to worry about.

Exhaust back box seems to have loose baffles, slight rattle on deceleration. Again, not really an issue.

Auto choke still not functioning, but I've now identified the part that moves to active the choke and I'm contemplating rigging up a manual operation somehow. I'll take pics when it's light.

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Dude.  I doubt very much it's about the car, but how you're marketing it.


Write one solid post out.  10 pics.  3 paragraphs.  What works, what doesn't, what you'd do next.  Say where the car is, what you'd take for a swap.  Put it in a new post so people don't have to read 4 pages of stuff to get a feel for what's happening.


Sorry man.  I think you're one of the good guys.  But this is hopeless.  Get it up on Facebook, have the free days on Autotrader and shove it on RR.  Despite what people may suggest, not every single car buyer is a monumental bell end.  Someone will buy it, people will definitely buy tickets.  I just get the feeling nobody really knows what's what.

Good luck.

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