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Joey spud

Daihatsu YRV turbo 130 Gearbox scare.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the water cooling on the turbo if the pipes do rot through and leak, just disconnect and block the connecting rubber pipes with a suitable bolt and tighten a jubilee clip, a turbo only needs the oil feed to survive

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The mojo was high again today so i have finished welding up the n/s sill and arch.


I have been running low on gas so had turned the flow rate down as much as i dare not wanting to run out on a Saturday but it was a bit gusty working outside and i ended up positioning the Hiace across the driveway to act as a wind break to help keep the shielding gas protecting the weld pool and not getting blown away in to the street.


Then my old bottle of Kurust finally ran out so i went to the local hardware shop in the village and got some fresh supplies.




Marlon behind the counter recommended this stuff and said the guys working on the Marina (the River Medway not BL's finest) swear by it.


It certainly seems to be good stuff i brushed it on neat and then washed it off a hour later and most of the brown rust on the lower edge of the sill had gone.


Most impressive for £8.99.

I have reapplied it and will rinse it off again tomorrow to see how clean it can get it when it's left to really bite into the metal.



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The welding is now all finished just need to do the non patented triple paint treatment to the n/s sill.





Trouble is it's either wet and misty or too bleedin cold outside.


So instead i took my corroded turbo coolant pipes to my local Pirtek place and the lad said he can make something with a 12mm banjo and 10mm tails for the morning so that's a result.


I needed new rear shoes too and being a skin flint i scoured the internet and ordered the cheapest i could find (made by Apec) for a modest £15.05 and blow me they turned up the next day and they look right too.

Back in my garage owning days we would only fit Apec as a last resort because we usually had to file the pads down to get them to fit the calipers and the shoe sets required their linings truing up with 80 grit paper to get the drums to spin without catching.


But i guess their QC has improved over the last 20 years as these look bob on.


I was not keen on its current UK size 520mm long front number plate that doesn't fit the japanese market sized recess so i ordered a jdm sized plate.




It's better but still a bit big,may have a play around once it's been mot'd.

Yes,i really am that sad.

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Well the cheap shoes got fitted and they have adjusted up fine.

I wanted to get some protection inside the ends of the sills and arches.




I recently got one of these sucky things to empty the sump oil out of the mower and so loaded it up and splurged a good load of waxy goodness where the sun don't shine then popped the blanking gromit back on.

At the front of the sills i was able to remove a rawlplug type fixing and pump some wax in there too,i'm well pleased i have got inside the sill coated as to be honest i don't normally bother.

I picked up my turbo pipes from Pirtek,when i left the old ones there to be copied i didn't ask how much.
That was a school boy error on my part,oh well they fit well enough.


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I thought it would be about £25-£30 tops.


No,nearer £50 including vat.

They did turn them around in about an hour though,but if you value your sanity you don't go near Medway City Ind estate after 4.30pm as it's going home time and there's only one road in and out that gets rammed till 7.00pm most days.


I think i may be out of touch with prices for this kind of thing.

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The lime green stop faster pads are now fitted and look a bit racey.
While i was playing with the brakes i thought it wouldn't hurt to flush out the old fluid with some nice new clean dot4 stuff.

A while back i bought a cheap brake bleeder thing off the bay that you connected up to an air line and the bleed nipple then pulled the trigger a vacuum was created and it sucked out the old fluid and as long as you kept the reservoir topped up all was well.
So before i started the suck i emptied the reservoir (the best i could) of its old fluid and added some fresh.

It works well but you need a good constant bit of puff from your compressor and a good tight seal on the bleed nipple.

All in i pulled through about two litres of clean fluid from the four corners of the car so i am hoping the brakes once bedded in will be ok now.

Said tool in action on my sons old Supra that a ''Jap car specialist'' couldn't get a decent brake pedal on so had basically given up.

The rear calipers were handed with a big L and R cast on them but were fitted arse about face so the bleed screws were now below the brake hose and not above so you could never get the air out of them.

Calipers swapped over and all was good.






Also fitted the twin exit tail pipe that came with the car.

it looks a bit silly but hey ho..

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Although the rust holes are now history looking under the little Daihatsu revealed a lot of surface corrosion that if left would surely bite me on the arse later so it was out with the grinder powered wire brush and various chiesels to clean away anything dodgey before giving it a good soak with the rust treatment.



Some grotty bits after scraping the worst bits back to good metal.



And here's some bits after the rust treatment.


I do like this rust treatment but it does slow progress down somewhat and the weather has been utter shite too,but i think that is all the corroded bits now revealed.

Between the rain and putting up Fairy lights etc i got underneath again used the zinc rich red oxide stuff followed by the shiney black chassis paint to cover it all up.


I had been buying my Stone chip paint in 500cc rattle cans which was starting to get a tad expensive so i wheeled the compressor down from the shed,dusted off my shultz gun and bought a couple of one litre stone chip canisters instead so i could really go in big.

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Stone chipped to within an inch of its life.








I picked a dry,not too windy day and waited for the neighbours cars to leave the proximity and gave the underside a serious coating of the black stuff.


Happy with my results i went inside for a celebratory Baked Potato and Fursty Ferret only to return later and find the stone chip had reacted with the shiny chassis paint and gone sort of crinkly in places.

It was then that i remembered why i had stopped using it on my Scimitar chassis and bunged the stuff out of sight up the shed.


After letting everything harden for a few days i went over it again but this time with a bit more restraint just dusting the stone chip on in thin layers.

This sorted it out and it now looks rather Dandy.


Then it was out with an inch brush and an appliction of a bean can (or three) of Waxoyl to give it even more chance of surviving till next winter.


I also found some 5mm wheel spacers up the shed and will give them a go too.


I basically just need a pair of tyres now and it's ready for a MOT.

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Well an end of year update to keep things tidy.

First off is this car too new for autoshite as i don't want anyone grumbling on my account ??

So the little car needs a couple of tyres before I can mot it and the wheels on it are really rough,two of them are leaking due to corroded rims so they need a good referb but that's £160 I don't have and I don't much like the wheels anyway.

So I have bought a set of standard steel wheels from a Bini One instead and will either leave them silver or rattle can them white until I find a set of wheels I like / can afford.
A couple of decent part worms have been sourced too.

The only other fly in the ointment is my spare insurance policy is currently on my L200 that I need to move on first then the Daihatsu can get to the mot man and onto the road.

Alas the L200 is currently outside up on stands having it's chassis wire brushed and waxed before I mot it for another year and try to sell it but my mojo is low.


It is actually a good truck (now it's had a new head and radiator),it is solid underneath and I will miss it but I just don't use it.

The YRV's Lexus style rear light have bothered me from day one I have an irrational dislike of them so bought some "fly eye" effect wrap to cover them with.




It was a minge of a job to get the stuff on without it wrinkling up but I think it's an improvement.


I have still been trying to track down a transmission filter for it at a sensible price and ended up having to sign up to facebook to join a couple of Daihatsu groups.


But i now have the filters part number and it turns out with the number i can order it from any Toyota dealer.

Also got a link for a Jap based motor factor who will ship parts to the UK but postage is a bit steep.

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think I've seen your truck recently in Kent...................are those graphics unique to it?


I am a Medway boy


They were applied by the previous Crawley based owner but i have seen them on a few London based Tradesmens vans since i've owned it

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I got these very cheap Bini wheels while I look for / save up for some alloy rimage I really like.




So up the shed I set up my referb production line.



Despite the cold weather they have come up really tidy.

the dark steel grey colour matches the turbo 130 livery just right.


And now my L200 has moved to pastures new i am able to swap it's insurance policy (with lots of ncb on it) on to the Daihatsu so it's one step nearer to hitting the road.

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Have another update why don't you.

Insured this today for a reasonable £121,Yes I am officially an old bastard.

Moving it around the driveway earlier I smelt the whiff of oil on hot exhaust and investigated only to find it was coming from the cam cover gasket and the fixings were already nice and tight so I pulled the cover off and had a look.


Ah bum hats it's got the wrong non turbo plugs fitted.
Looking on line the cheapest Denso iridium plugs i can find are about £30 a set but there seems to be a bit of a problem with counterfeit spark plugs washing around so i may have to play safe and get some from a known supplier and not from Ebay. (https://www.driven2automotive.com/blog/how-to-spot-fake-denso-iridium-power-spark-plugs-2017/)



But it's nice and clean inside the engine despite its 114k miles.
A new gasket should be here in the morning so I decided to look at something I had been ignoring.

The paint finish and rust protection on these little Daihatsu's is a fair bit below what Toyota and Honda were doing 15 years ago and there is evidence of rust bubbling away merrily under paint on the front arches.

I tried to not see it every time I walked past but I knew I had to do something now rather than when the weather improved so I scraped the effected paint off easily with a stanley blade then cleaned the metal beneath with 80 grit before treating with undiluted rust killer.



So the rust is now hopefully all treated I just need to decide how to cover the bare metal over until I can paint it properly when the temps rise again.

Going to have a go at limo tinting the rear screen and back doors next to make it look more like a van and not an Old Giffers shopping trolley.

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Loving this - for some reason I thought they'd be 4x110, but it's nice to see that they have a relatively normal PCD...


Just good old 4x100.


But it seems you have to be careful with width and offset as anything over 6.5J and they will catch on the rear suspension arms unless you grind a bit away or use a 3mm spacer.


These Bini wheels are 5.5J with a 40mm offset so fit just fine but i have had my head turned by the thought of banding them by 25mm to give a nicer dished rim look.

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Not the best picture but you get the idea once the paint and decals have all been polished up they will look ok.

I reluctantly joined Facebook last month just to access some Kei car and Daihatsu groups.


These turned up today 4x genuine old stock YRV turbo plugs for less way than I could get them anywhere else.

Facebook in not 100% shite shocker...

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