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Civic Duties

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Tried to fit a rear wheel on the Civic out of interest. Needs smaller wheelnuts but I knew this anyway.

A slightly more pressing matter is the fact the centre bores appear to be the same size but don't want to mate up. More investigation required, I suspect the powder coat on the wheels is at least partially to blame.

I'm an idiot and I had my centre bore measurements backwards. The Civic one is 2mm larger. File, or something?

Something like a honing tool? Maybe a bit slow? Take 3mm off then make sure you seal the bare alloy so you keep the wheels looking sharper for longer.

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As it's become virtually impossible to get acrylic dealer numberplates replicated any more, and both the Civic's original plates are knackered from 25 years of giffer parking (the rear plate mount needs unbending as it's a metal plate independent of the rear bumper), I got the next best thing to reproductions, and something I think will suit the Civic perfectly.

I managed to find somewhere doing old font pressed plates, and I didn't have to post them the V5 - they accepted images, I sent one over at 1am, at 4am I got an email back saying they'd received them.

I particularly like the fact the plates have BS markings!cfd2ec6d940b1e1ba39e1a6da021d582.jpg

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It appears the head gasket is in the general area, but DPD have delivered it to the wrong fucking street. Complaint incoming to them and the council again (adjoining streets with almost identical names).

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I have no further updates for this thread. As you'd expect there are no issues with the Civic. Everything is as it was. The only issue is it doesn't like cold starts for some reason, the car needs a little warming up on full choke before use - I suspect the fuel pump.


I have found a set of original Honda alloy wheels from the 1.6i-16 (one model up, same engine as my old 416GTi), and/or a CR-X. They were a veritable steal at £60 for the set, all four centre caps are present, but no tyres. I think they'll be a nice addition if in good condition. Bonus points for the factory look too. They're in Pwllheli and I'm going for them on Monday. Having read back through this thread I think I prefer the factory look to the Panasport alloys, which with the RainExperts I might save for winter use. However the upgrade from the 13" skinny steels to wider 14" alloys has provided a massive upgrade in grip, handling, steering weight, and performance on the motorway, making the car much more of an all-rounder. If I can maintain that with some more standard-looking alloys then I'll be a happy bunny as it's the best of both worlds :) the car does look good on the Panasports but I still feel bad sometimes for deviating from standard. No regrets on the steering wheel, though - the MX5 wheel is a huge upgrade.

I've also fitted a subtle modern radio as the original went dicky (bad pot on the fader knob), and replaced the speakers on the cheap from Halfords' ex-display stock. Still sounds like arse but at least the speaker cones aren't rotten, and don't rattle under bass any more. I think one of them is interfering with a window though :(

I'm not sure what my plans for the little thing are, it needs a back box as it's holed, the 4-2-1 manifiold upgrade has cost me a mere £2.50 for a doughnut gasket, and it needs some suspension bits anyway, so as opportunity knocks a light lowering and some quality springs/shocks really does appeal. And I'm sure a strut brace wouldn't do any harm: after all the car will still look standard from the outside so I don't see the harm in some light modifying: the car isn't perfect at all and would benefit from some renewal of parts in any case. Especially if I put it on the 16v wheels, it could be a real show queen in time. 

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