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Civic Duties

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Everybody he meets in the prison thought Snake Plisken was dead in the original Escape from New York film.


As a result of the Kansas City incident, it was widely believed in the criminal community that Plissken was dead.[citation needed] This is a running gag in Escape from New York: "I heard you were dead" (homage to the John Wayne film Big Jake). In Escape from L.A., the recurring joke is changed to "I thought you'd be taller."


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Doesnt look bad actually. Egg nicely done, beans in a separate pot for bean juice control purposes, shows organisation and discipline, disappointed to see the bacon hiding under the waffle but made up for by the cheeky waffle positioning. Good strong mushroom display supported by the black pud. Lack of smokes and lighter a slight disappointment but marks won’t be deducted for that, would have been good to see some toast on the side providing some crispy symmetrical distraction.



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