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Bramz ever changing fleet merry go round.


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  • 2 weeks later...

The Alfa saga continues, I have now lost the ONLY key. It was in my coat pocket all day Wednesday and I kept thinking to myself that I best put in the other halfs bag, in case I lose it. Long story short, I didn't and I lost it! 

Obvs I will now have to get an automotive locksmith out to get it replaced. No such thing as a proper free car eh?

Real low car mojo at the moment, all things considered. 

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Your wish is my command. 



Fairly late 110 Exclusive. It's been welded in the one place it needed it since I had it, and the small LHM leak also cured. 

It's a bit dirty though, but I'll eventually clean the outside. Wiping the front seats and dashboard today helped no end. I can't stand dirty dashboards. 

I also gave it a work out yesterday which seems to have improved the normal ride height and driving feel. Steering still feels a bit off at low speed but nothing terrible. I increased the tyre pressures to factory as the steering was beyond heavy!

Will I keep it? Probably not. But it's nice to drive about in. It would be perfect with cruise as the throttle pedal is not ideally positioned for hours of driving. 

There's also a duff engine mount and on the high side clutch, but the latter is nothing worrying.

Funnily enough I found a train ticket inside dated April 2019, which my ever tidy other half left in there the first time I owned it. 

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I can vouch for that Xantia. I owned it for a year and covered about 15,000 trouble free miles in it. It was a really lovely car. I only sold it as I got a new job closer to home so I was no longer doing the miles to justify running a big diesel as a daily. I still miss it and I am so tempted to buy it back but as my circumstances haven't changed I know I would simply have no use for it.

In my ownership it had new spheres all round along with new front discs/pads and strut return pipes.



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