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The load covers need different boot side trim panels.

You can't just buy a cover and hope it will fit. (Although a posh Sharon would have had the fittings I guess. My poverty Galaxy hasn't.)


I bought one off eBay, discovered it wouldn't fit and it sat in my shed ever since.

Ooh, I am interested as I do indeed have the panels and lugs in place...

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In other news, there’s a dash based reset for the trip computer that seems to have cleared the ‘service now’ however, this unearthed a check brake pads warning.


Not sure if they’re low - out and about so not in a position to check properly - or whether they’ve fitted pads without the sensors. It judders like a bastard on hard deceleration so I’m going with new pads as a first point of call.


Also, the emissions light has taken to flashing on and off and the engine is misfirey at low revs so really need to get the flexi done as it won’t be doing much good.


It’s only got to do about 300 miles tomorrow so I don’t foresee* any problem.

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Despite being on holiday I did manage to sneak a peek at the pads*




Suffice to say, new ones are already on order.


Fronts are still fine and meaty at least.


Car has also taken to randomly opening windows when stopped or a door opened for extended period.


Two suspects.


1. The control box under passenger seat (can get wet if drains blocked or if the hose to the rear window splits as there’s a join in the hose that runs along the passenger footwell trim).


2. Chafed wiring in the door loom causing short circuitry mayhem.


I’m off work for a fortnight so will for once have time to investigate.

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With the wife in bed feeling under the (red wine and grappa induced weather) I have time to investigate the Sharan.


Interesting bargain* I have here.


The windows all come down when passenger door is opened every other time. Shorted wiring on the front door is a common issue, looks like I might have that...






Rear shock - light* Misting of oil was an advisory last mot...




Don’t tap it with the investigation spanner!


Too late,



One side of brakes had a cutoff wire for the sensor, I figured hoped it’d be on the other side.




Checking the other side, all present and correct although the wheel was fitted with 18mm headed bolts and shorter!




Anyone got some 19mm Vag bolts?


Aha, there’s a spare one in the door pocket...odd there’s only one.


There’s a noise from front left a bit like a wheel bearing, lets take a look and...oh




That will explain the spare bolt...

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One imagines with the pending departure of the Galaxy I should shuffle myself for the foreseeable over to the Modern forum as I’ve got a bloody ‘56 A1 for the wife and this ‘05 Sharan but there you go, mods can do that if they wish.


Saying that, I’ve been passing the dying hours of light doing a job I’ve not done since I put an amp in my Mk3 Cav...namely, chocolate blocking a pile of fucked wiring.


Chafing and splitting of wires is a known issue in the door loom.




It’s a temp repair to see if everything worked (and to give me a bit of extra reach on every wire) before I solder and heat shrink them properly.





I hate moments when testing shit like this and sure enough, three windows went down but none would come up.


Rechecked the wires, there was a yellow/brown and a yellow/black but I’d done everything right so took off the loose switch plug to see if it was the switch unit.




Gingerly tickling the bent pin straight has got the windows up and working but I’ll order a new switch to sort that. Passenger rear window still inoperable but that’s for another day.


Also, happy to report that having five bolts instead of four in the front wheel appears to have cured the bearing type noise from front left.


Rear pads are also now working and skimming the crud off the discs nicely.


Still need some proper length vag bolts for the rear wheel though.


Wife is still in bed with hangover so productive day all round.


Off to grab a few ciders at the offy as a reward for my graft.

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Not had a lot in the maintenance stakes of late as work on the house is taking over, the exhaust blow is now comically loud so I can't sustain not sorting it and will book it in next week.

In advance of this, it’s been earning its keep finding assorted bargains and bits, cast iron fireplace for £100...swallowed this four up without batting an eyelid.


Then we found some cheapo Billy bookcases in Ikeas Bargain basement that nobody wanted becuas pre built.

Quick blast home to chuck out the seats briefly turned the Galaxy into a 14 seater* and the Sharan into a van.


Turns out you can comfortably* fit three full sized Ikea bookcases in the back as long as you don’t mind driving with your knees behind your ears.

Its off to St Albans tomorrow to pick up more bloody furniture.8EE4CDA7-18DF-45A8-A0B2-8D3F7B72A5A5.thumb.jpeg.7017fa71cbb8650a9ea624ff72fe45e8.jpeg


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I should rename this thread ‘shit in a Sharan’ as it dispatched the round trip of 300 miles with ease, albeit a bit of a thirst. Computer says 27.4mpg but it lies, was nearer to 25 but not bad for a misfiring v6.

You can also fit a 2.4metre sleeper in without taking out any seats as long as you don’t want to change the radio and don’t mind changing gears with a reach around that would give an onanist yoga master a few pointers.




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Had very little time to do anything car related, other than wave off another purchase to monseiur Njgleeds...

The Galaxy has gone and I’ve forgotten to put a load of stuff in the boot so when it is moved on, the new owner is welcome to an ohdearme parcel post.

I totally forgot about the towbar too that’s sat in the garage. Might whack it on the Sharan, might not.

I’ve also decided to tot up the cost of the Galaxy and excluding petrol and insurances, but including parts, servicing and purchase/roffle it turns out it cost me a respectable £67 a month on average in the six months I had it, 

I would say I’m missing it but the ability to go have a lunchtime kip in the Sharan with the bum warmers on, means I’ve over losing the big red bus with Alamo Bramz levels of fickleness.

I even treated the sharan to an £18 new door internal door handle to stop the window switch getting pulled out whenever I try to use it.

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For the purposes of work* I have blagged myself a few days in the US of A...

I managed to tick off a bucket list item I never knew I had by driving/queuing down manhattan in a glow of red brake lights and pissing rain with sax jazz on the radio like I was in Taxi driver.

i suspect you think I was in such vehicles as this...


but alas, I was in the spiritual successor to the Nova Saloon...the Ford Fiesta....Sedan?!?!?


whats it like to drive m9?

erm...it’s an auto eco boost with 120 bhp and a six speed auto, it drones like the first f1 turbo cars but is capable of wheelspin and much noise making.

The progress can be brisk but noisy but what is most alarming is it’s ability to continue to accelerate for a full 1-2 seconds after you have removed your foot from the go pedal, seriously it’s like an old school turbo it’s that bad.

i don’t know if it’s a us thing because they never floor the pedal or what but it’s so weird, I keep finding myself doing it for comedy effect.

it haz Apple play, which is my first experience of it and it is not too bad.

inside the cockpit, the car is too narrow and my legs rub the door and the centre console becuase my preferred driving/sitting style is to have my legs as akimbo as possible, as if my bollocks were watermelons. I don’t know why, it’s just how I like it.

also, I spent most of the first four miles of driving desperately searching for a lumbar support lever. The seat backs offer the same level of support you’d get by stringing Rab C Nesbitts vest between a pair of chopsticks.

anyhoo...beer and ribs haz arrived in front of me so Tata for now.



also, spotted old SAAB nearby and took shit photo.



Stream of conciousness over. :)

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